Zuku Fiber Packages, Price and Installation Cost

Zuku fiber decoders are an alternative to terrestrial TV decoders like Bamba TV, Startimes and Dstv. This is technically the only working cable TV service in Kenya. Zuku has managed to carve their own niche by leveraging the power of cable TV to give their customers a mix of TV channels and internet services.

Eight months down the line and Kenyans have gotten used to the fact that digital platform is here to stay and the acquisition of a pay TV decoder or a free to view decoder is no longer a choice but a necessity. Depending on customer preference, financial situation, viewership needs among other considerations, customers have the option of either of the two types of decoders.

In what was once a market dominated by DSTV, a lot has changed with new arrivals seeking to stamp their authority in this ever-increasing niche, with a promise to offer better services. Notable inclusions that are seemingly catching up fast with the trends in the market, engaging even the most revered service providers in a cutthroat battle for supremacy are easy to distinguish.

With the market taking form and the different service providers focusing themselves in what they know best, it has become apparent that if you want free viewership, Bamba is no doubt the best. For cost-effective channels, StarTimes will definitely suffice your needs and for an extra boost for a reliable internet connection aside from the clichéd international channels, ZUKU is hands down your preferred digital TV service provider.

Zuku Home Phone
Zuku Home Phone

That said, the increased demand for Zuku cannot go unnoticed. Needless to say, the large market share that Zuku controls is mainly influenced by the availability of the internet service. The dependable internet service has been adopted for varying purposes from large office functions, small businesses operations, and residential use. This has largely been attributed to low costs for the service, reliable connections with minimal downtime periods and varying offers/packages that are suitable for different market sizes.

The fact that you do not require a satellite dish to access your TV packages as well as the fiber connection means you will rarely have to worry about troubleshooting for signal issues.

Here are the packages on offer for the Zuku Fiber connection that are available in Nairobi and Mombasa regions.  

NB: These are the subscription fees. The installation fee varies according to your plan and area of residence. Check out this chart for a comprehensive installation cost breakdown.

1. Zuku Infinite 10

This package comes with an offer of 62+ channels, Zuku telephone that allows you to make free calls within the Zuku network, but calls made outside the network have specific charges tied to them. The internet connection for this package has reliable internet speeds of 10Mbps. However, the coverage and set up cost vary depending on location for all the packages on offer. Zuku offer a monthly charge of 4,099 KES for this package.

This is more than enough for heavy-duty users. With the 10mbps bandwidth shared across multiple users with each getting a maximum 1.5Mbps uplink speed and 1Mbps download, this plan is perfect for people with multiple computers. You can stream all the channels you don’t find on their TV rooster and make free Zuku to Zuku Calls with the Zuku Phone

2. Infinite 20

This package has 62+ channels, free Zuku to Zuku calls and free Wi-Fi mobility with a bandwidth of 20Mbps. The monthly charge for this package is 5,299 KES.

The TV channels are similar to those in Infinite 10. Only the internet bandwidth changes. This connection in blazing fast. It will however, be an overkill unless you are a complete family that really knows how to use the internet.

3. Infinite 50 –

With this package, subscribers are entitled to 62+ channels, the Zuku telephone offer, free Wi-Fi mobility, with internet speeds of 50Mbps, all at a cost of 9,799 KES.  

The bandwidth in this package is enough to power a medium-sized or full-fledged home office. If you are the entrepreneur type, you could get a good Wi-Fi access point and resell the internet connection to your neighbors with this package.

4. Infinite 1

This package includes 62+ channels, Zuku telephone services, free Zuku Wi-Fi with a reliable internet speed of 1 Mbps at a discounted price of 2,799 KES. The internet connection in this is enough for one or two people who want to Instagram, Facebook and go through a couple of interesting websites.

5. Zuku Fiber Internet

This isn’t a TV plan. It is a 4Mbps internet plan for those interested in reliable internet but don’t really care about TV.

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  1. how is it with zuku-connection in milimani/kitengela? would be interested in a good signal for watching many european programs (with a good signal i know how to get the stations). with safaricom it is working very well in mombasa, but is eating data-bundles like hell….)

  2. Hi Zuku, we are looking forward in your quick coverage in Riruta Satellite, and hope you are doing something, don’t only concentrate in areas that your clients have been looting Kenyans left and right.

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