Zuku 250Mbps – Fastest Internet Speed in Kenya

Given the electrifying rate at which technology is improving, it is hard to imagine the world without an internet connection. That aside. Did you know that slow internet speeds can cause stress and increase your heart beat rate by 38 percent? Well, you can now avoid all that by opting for the new Zuku 250Mbps package.

zuku 250Mbps internet

In the recent past, Wananchi Group has been aggressive in extending their lead in the fixed-internet sector. Some of the steps the company has implemented to ramp up their number of subscribers and retaining existing customers include:

  • Offering free installation services
  • Free internet speed upgrade on renewing your subscription
  • 20 percent discount on subscription renewal
  • Getting subscription cost discounts by referring friends
  • Offering a limited package for accessing Asian channels


Introducing the Zuku 250Mbps Package

Despite the above steps, the company is settling for nothing less than being the leader in offering home and commercial internet connection services. True to that, clients can now pay for and enjoy the fastest internet speed in Kenya thanks to the new 250Mbps package. To get started, you have to fill a special form and the Zuku team will contact you.

zuku 250Mbps internet

One of the text fields in the form requires you to specify your location. This could mean that this new internet package will be available in selected areas only. Nevertheless, the introduction of the 250Mbps internet speed in Kenya by Zuku sets a good precedence for other internet providers.


Home Advanced 250Mbps Package Cost

The new advanced Advanced Zuku package will cost Ksh. 19,999 per month. With speeds of up to 250Mbps when connected to the modem, this package targets clients with heavy download needs. Smart homeowners will also enjoy the impressive download and upload speeds that the package offers.

Once subscribed to this package, you will always have internet connection. This feature makes the Zuku Fiber 250Mbps package the ultimate unlimited home internet. Customers who subscribe to this package will enjoy free installations. At the same time, customers will get free set top and cable modem. The set top box will have premium TV content from up to 106 TV channels.


Free Internet Speed Upgrades

In the spirit of celebrating the introduction of the fastest internet speed in Kenya, Zuku upgraded the internet speeds of existing customers by up to 66 percent. To confirm your current internet speed, visit the Zuku Speedtest page. Despite the upgrade, customers will incur no extra charges.

zuku fiber 250Mbps

The Basic Package that had up to 15Mbps download speeds will still cost Kshs. 4,499 at a revamped speed of 20Mbps. Customers on the Preferred Package will pay Kshs. 5,699 per month for 50Mbps down speeds, which is a notable upgrade since they have been paying the same amount for 30Mbps. Kshs. 9,999 per month that initially let you enjoy 60Mbps will be enough for 100Mbps while on the Premium Package. Noteworthy, customers in areas that have the 4Mbps package will now enjoy down speeds of up to 10Mbps.

What are your thoughts on this notable internet coverage development?

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