Have You Seen The New YouTube Web Interface?

On Jan 13 2017, I noted a new YouTube web interface without performing any fancy configurations. A day later, the interface was back to the classic design. The sneak peek is a big clue pointing to an imminent debut of Google’s material design on their massive video sharing platform. Having been testing the new and revamped UI since early 2016, it seems like the company is at the final stages before implementing the change.

What is the New YouTube Web Interface?

In 2014, Google debuted Quantum Paper popularly known as Material Design. Afterward, Android and other Google products and websites have since adopted the design. It is the same design that you are bound to see on the YouTube website in the coming weeks. The change is coming at a time when more people around the world as well as in Kenya are turning to YouTube as a source of income.

The following screenshots show the new and old YouTube designs.

Here is the old design:

new youtube web design

Here is the new design:new youtube web design

Clearly, you can see the new and modern search bar has replaced the classic search bar design. You should also note the video views count numbers are rounded off to nearest thousand just like in YouTube’s Android app. However, you can view the exact view count number once you start watching a video.

The new slide-out menu also has a new design.

Noticeably, the new design has rounded icons replacing the old squared ones.

While checking out a YouTube channel, you will notice that the channel’s profile photo is round and the buttons have more depth than before.

Here is the old channel view:new youtube web design

Here is the new channel design:new youtube web design

This new channel view also eliminates the slide-out menu.

How to get the new YouTube material design on your browser

Google is yet to introduce the new YouTube design. However, you can enjoy using the upcoming design by following the steps below.

1) Type https://www.youtube.com/?gl=US on your browser’s address bar.

2) Open developer tool by using Ctrl + Shift + i

3) Click on the “Application” tab.

4) Expand the “Cookies” option and select the YouTube URL

5) Right click and delete VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE

6) Click on the Console tab.

7) Type this command and press Enter document.cookie=”VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=Qa1hUZu3gtk;path=/;domain=.youtube.com”;

8) Reload your YouTube page to view the new interface.

Reverting back to the classic YouTube design

If you are not ready for the new design just yet, there is an easy way to go back to the old design. Just head over to the bottom right corner while YouTube’s page and click on the option.

Were you able to configure your YouTube’s page and view the modern design? How do you find the new look of YouTube? Share your thoughts below.

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