You Will Need a Constant Internet Connection to Play the new Need for Speed

Some people just never learn. Inasmuch as we love to be online and connect with our friends at all times, we also want some calm time with our gaming consoled or heavily modified gaming PC and an offline copy of an intriguing game.

Electronic Arts, the maker of the famous Need for Speed games doesn’t think so. It thinks making a permanent internet connection to play NFS will make us enjoy the game more.

Their first shot at such a setting winded up in a miserable pile. Electronic Arts failed to implement the constant online connection requirement for their game, SimCity even though they had quite an impressive reasons menu. People didn’t buy the ‘calculations will run smoothly’ bull forcing EA to release a patch and let gamers enjoy the game offline.

Why do they bother?

Creating an online gaming community lets players compete and sometimes share the processing loads. Moreover, it creates room for gradual improvements. This means that whenever Tesla or Mercedes release a new performance car, it will be available for ‘purchase’ within the game.

This perks, however, do not sit well with the majority of the community. I really do not think very many people would invest in a hefty data plan just to play NFS. This would effectively make the games a luxury only accessible to those with constant instant connectivity.

It’s a fact, that how they plan to do it

Though the ever online concept was a rumor, a recent Twitter conversation between a curious gamer and Need for Speed confirmed our fears.

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