Windows 9 Rumors – It Could be More Desktop Friendly

September 30. This is the date the folks over at Microsoft have scheduled for the release a trial of the next generation Windows OS variant. Going by the name Threshold, Windows 9 should be the final block to migrating people from the traditional desktop world to the modernized tablet like look pioneered by Windows 8.

Even though the code-name – and most probably the release date – could change along the way, rumor has it that Microsoft is seeking redemption from mouse user criticism who labeled Windows 8 and 8.1 too touch oriented.

This claim can be comfortably backed up by leaks that suggest the omission of the infamous Charms bar. If you have used windows, you probably know it – even though not by name.

windows 10 screenshotIt is the bar that pops up at the side of your screen, to the right mostly, when you hover the cursor at the corner. To use it, you have to tentatively slide the cursor to the desired icon. Rash motions will make the bar disappear.

While this is a nag to the normal touchpad or mouse user, the feature is actually a sleek functionality to touch screen device users.

The major changes would be on the start button and resulting slate which though sensible to tablets and phones is quite ridiculous to computers. If you missed your start button, you will have it back soon though the change is no news to people who have already used Windows 8.1

Another thing that is down the drain is the infamous Windows 8 app design that forced you to launch full screen apps referred to as Metros. The effort to distant itself from the design feature that wasn’t welcome by many started on Windows 8.1 where the designers added the split screen power, allowing you to launch up to four apps on your screen depending on your screen resolution.

With Windows 9, apps will launch in the conventional floating windows. After all, it is Windows 9 – not Metro 9.

virtual desktops - pushing your machine to the limit
virtual desktops – pushing your machine to the limit

As a show of good faith, Microsoft might throw in Cortana, the voice recognition solution from windows mobile and virtual desktops (Linux users are not new to this.)

The first release should be September 30. Whilst this might not have immense variations from the predecessor visual wise as it is geared towards testing functionality and identifying bugs, Microsoft might still give it to the public for a spin.

The final release, which should be ready to ship in the early months of 2015, will definitely be miles away from the Windows 8 flop.

What do you think? Is it enough to bring back your love for Windows – assuming you did not love all the Windows 8 gimmicks?

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