Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Preview

The Windows 10 preview is out. If this sneak peak review is not enough for you, then you could grab the 64 or 32 bit copies over at the Insider Program Website. Be prepared to download up to 4GB. This approach will have you join the Insider Program, giving you access to updates long before they are released to the masses. If you don’t like finding bugs and reporting them, this would be an overkill.

For a direct download, you could consider getting the ISOs of this links  Windows 10 ISOs or Alternative ISO download

Also available would be the Windows Server and System Center. Though releasing the Windows Server technical preview together with the client OS is out of the norm, Microsoft seems to be turning tide as it distances itself from the ‘failure’ Windows 8 has become.

You can grab the Windows Server on this page if you want some quick taste of what it is capable of.

Be warned, preview versions are normally unstable and full of bugs. However, in most cases, the OS should be good enough for your extra computer, the one you are willing to let misbehave every now and then without throwing a cup of coffee at it.

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