Windows 10 Could be the Last – No More Windows Versions

I was afraid I’d live to a day when my granddaughter’s PC would be running on Windows 48. With Jerry Nixon’s announcement labelling Windows 10 as the last version of the OS, I can sit comfortably knowing that she will not have me take her through the long history of Windows OS version. Since Jerry is the Microsoft development executive, we have every reason to believe in his words.

Jerry’s comments are in synchrony with Microsoft’s official statement on the topic. From now on, any updates will be on a progressive manner with no need of complete stand-alone versions. If you are familiar with the Windows update centre, then you have an idea of how your improvements will be delivered to your current operating system build.

Ideally, with every authorization of a Windows update, you will be opening up to gradual innovations that would have otherwise come in a completely new version of windows.

Why it was Windows 10, not 9

Experts believe the jump from Windows 8 to 10 was a symbolism of the break of character. This means that Microsoft will no longer lock up its developers and work hard to deliver the next big operating system every three or so years. It means that they will no longer engage in rigorous marketing campaigns to convince us into taking in the new version of the OS. This is quite a chance that will affect both the company and customers especially now that Windows will have to maximize on the single OS unit sells it makes – unless they intend to monetize the upgrades.

Financial implications

With most Microsoft’s revenue trickling in from PC sales, we have every reason to believe that the change won’t affect its financial stability in any way.

According to Steve Kleynhans, a VP at Gartner analysts firm, the move will not freeze the Microsoft Windows enterprise. Actually, it will make it a fast-paced playground that pops in new feature every other week or months. Changes will be gradual, but their overall impact would be more profound.

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