Why Mobile Developers Would Rather Work with iOS than With Android

Android might be the leader in sales and overall market adoption. However, when we shift interest to developer earnings, iOS that makes the kill.

A recent report from App Annie, an app store analytics firm, shows that iOS App Store generates more revenue than Google Play store. This could be so since most iPhone users are considered prone to making online purchases. To them, paying for an app wouldn’t be such a fuss.

This is why iOS users spend up to four times more in apps than Android users.

With iPhone’s sales rising rapidly in the intense China market, developers can now look forward to better days as more devices in the market means more purchases.

Even though iOS app store generates more income than its Android counterpart does, we shouldn’t ignore the fact that Google Play store has more app downloads in comparison to the Apple App Store.

Since its inception, the Apple App Store has paid developers a whopping $25 billion. While developers attribute this to the ‘iPhone owners are rich’ mentality, a more detailed look into the trends might help you understand things better.

  • Android’s market share is strongest in lower-income countries

  • Many of the smartphone owners in these countries either lack credit cards and have no easy way to pay for their apps

  • Android phone prices average at $200 to $300 while iPhone prices are usually double this price. This is self-explanatory of the financial prowess of each phone owner. (A couple of people own Xperia Zs and Galaxy S6s, but their count is low compared to those who own low-end Android phones)

  • The availability of free Android Apps with Adverts and a paid version will always tempt people to go for the free version and bear with the ads.

With more apps and downloads per month, it is safe to guess that a great deal of upcoming mobile developers are interested in Android. Even though this is a noble gesture to the free and open-source world, venturing into iOS might be all you need to secure a more lucrative payday.

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