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First, it was a threat to shut down WhatsApp Plus users. It did shut down a few people, so I heard. Now it is the deployment to the web and a WhatSIM. The folks over at Facebook seem to be doing great with their still fresh $19 billion toy. Since the acquisition early last year, so much has changed about the famous IM application with the CEOs promise for call features yet to materialize.

Despite being plagued by some security issues recently, WhatsApp still is an apple to the eyes of many Kenyans since it offers fast and cost effective ways of sending texts, images and even recorded audio.

With the WhatSIM, you will no longer have to pay for legitimate or bundles mwitu to keep the chat going or download those bulky videos. For now, the SIM card will connect to over 400 network operators in 150 countries and automatically scan for the strongest signal to connect you to the WhatsApp servers hence your chats.

The idea behind purchasing a specific SIM for WhatsApp, especially now that it cannot place calls could be disarming to single SIM phone owners. Moreover, since our online lives do not necessarily revolve around WhatsApp, some will argue on the validity of the move.

With as low as €5, you will have the SIM card for keeps and free chats in a year. This explicitly means that the SIM card won’t be selling in your local Safaricom or retail shop any time soon but it is something worth looking forward to.

The web app, on the other hand is a simple mirror of what you have on your phone. Currently, it is only available to Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry smartphone owners. To launch the App, you need an active connection on both your phone and your computer. In addition to this, you will need the latest WhatsApp on your phone and a Chrome browser on your desktop computer. Navigate to this web page, follow the instructions and scan a provided QR code to login. That is it.

In my opinion, I wouldn’t understand why I should like to use this feature unless my naught 8-year old nephew is busy playing Angry Birds or busy watching God knows what on my phone. Either way, it is a mainstream attempt to bringing WhatsApp to the desktop that might evolve to something more detached and impressive.


WhatsApp launched another desktop app that is in every way similar to the web client. You can find the WhatsApp desktop client review here. But don’t put your hopes high, it might not be what you expected.


Commenting on why iOS users cannot access the service, Jan Koum, WhatsApp founder blamed “Apple platform limitations” for the lack of an iOS version.

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