What is Android One and Why You Should Be Interested in It

The smartphone era is here to stay. This realization has stretched manufacturers to the limits as they try to address all ends of the society; the affluent, middle-class and low-class earners. Normally, manufacturers will just cut down on specs and quality.


That is why we have the ultra HD Samsung Galaxy S6 and the comparatively inferior Samsung Galaxy J1. This is what economics has taught us to be.


Google, and the latest Android One phone, the Infinix Hot 2, don’t think life should always be so.


Enter the Android One project, an initiative geared at creating high-quality low-cost Android smartphones. Google’s motive is to partner with willing phone companies and create feature phones that can compete against Samsung, Sony and LG’s crème de la crème

What goes into an Android One Phone


The first answer is simple. Good hardware. By good hardware, we mean a decent screen, a mildly powerful processor and acceptable RAM. This is necessary to keep the end product’s price within the reach of the target market.


In my opinion, it is the software that creates the performance difference between the Android One phones and other phones in the market.

Customized Android versions


Ever wondered why a Samsung phone looks different from a Tecno, Infinix or LG even though they are both running Android? Well, the answer is in the OS modification. Most manufacturers will take the AOSP version of Android (the backbone OS) and modify it to meet their needs.


This includes removing some features and adding other brand specific features. The result is a slightly heftier OS that is different from what Google released in the first place.


Though the additives are no problem to feature phones, they tend to overwhelm most of the low spec’d phones.

Android One is Different


Android One is what Google wants you to get with each Android release and better. It is Android on steroids. With specific performance tweaks and no additional interface or features, the OS is super light and will work blazingly fast in comparison to what you get from Samsung, LG or Tecno phones.


With Android One phones, performance lies in the seamless blend of software and hardware. With Google at the helm of production, you are not only assured that all Android versions will be biased towards these phones but also be among the first to get new Android OS updates.


Google promises Android updates to all its Android One phones for at least two years.

The trendsetter


Following the immense success in India, where 78 percent of the smartphones sold last year were under the $200 tag, Google’s Android One will definitely be a hit to such markets.


This year’s take on the African market with the Infinix Hot 2 will definitely mirror what Google experienced in India with brands like Spice Dream Uno and the Karbonn Sparkle V.


Google will turn the low-priced smartphone market. Other phone makers have no option but to follow in its steps.

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