Where to Watch the EURO 2016 Action in Kenya

The EURO 2016 action is finally here. This is great news to Kenyan football enthusiasts who were suffering the post EPL dry spell. The biggest questions in the minds of many is where to watch the EURO 2016 action in Kenya.

euro 2016 kenya

With a good fraction of the population having one or two subscription TV plans from the digital TV decoder big wigs in Kenya (Startimes, Zuku, GoTV and DStv,) it is obvious that everyone hopes that his or her decoder will air the EURO 2016 action.

KTN Will Broadcast Some of the Games

The simplest, though not surest, way to watch Euro 2016 is by tuning into KTN. The popular local broadcaster will be showing a couple of the games and since KTN is available on FTA decoders, everyone with access to a working FTA decoder or a working GoTV package can watch the selected Euro 2016 games on KTN.

EURO 2016 Official Broadcasts

All the Euro 2016 TV rights in Kenya reside with SuperSport. The biggest SuperSport channel provider in the market is DStv, meaning that most of the DStv subscribers will have a higher chance of enjoying the EURO 2016 action.

The games will air on:

  • SuperSport 11
  • SuperSport 12
  • SuperSport 3
  • SuperSport 4

SuperSport 11 and SuperSport 12 is available on both DStv Compact and Compact Plus bouquets while SuperSport 3 and SuperSport 4 will be available to DStv Premium subscribers.

What of non-DStv Users?

Since no non-DStv set-top boxes offer the above channels, the rest of the population will have to count on the SuperSport Select channels to get their Euro 2016 action. I must point out that this won’t guarantee you unprecedented action but you will at least get a glimpse of the games.

GoTv, for instance, will be airing some of the games on its SuperSport select channels while other STB providers might choose to air delayed games on one of their sports channels every now and then. There aren’t any current partnerships with DStv so we can’t be sure of exclusive viewing of the games.

The alternative to Zuku internet users or anyone with unlimited internet connections would be streaming the games online or using popular TV app, Kodi.

You can also catch selected weekend games on the big screen at @Arfa Lounge Bar, @ANGA. These will be on BIG IMAX Kenya screen and Village Market up to the finals.

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