US Air Force Uses Computer Games to Vet and Train Recruits

In Kenya, gaming PCs, PlayStations and Xbox game consoles are for kids – and irresponsible young men. In the US, it is an important training tool that could spell death or life in case of a full out war. To the US Air Force, the use of expensive simulation consoles to train soldiers and pilots is a common thing.

Their latest move to recruiting fighter jet pilots is not only safer but also more economical. By creating a surreal virtual reality environment around the pilot, the Air Force hopes to do away with the dangerous, costly but necessary preliminary flight tests.

To develop the right computer game for the task, they are partnering with Reel FX to deliver a version of Oculus Rift (a computer game that lets you fly an F-35 through a series of obstacles) to recruits seated on vibration enabled sits in front of a complete realistic F-35 dash.

This wouldn’t be the first time the military and other ‘serious’ institutes in life are resorting to recreational technology to deliver innovative training to their teams without blowing up tons of expensive equipment. At least, technology is positively contributing in cutting down costs – and CO2 emissions.

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