UC Browser Seeks to Expand its Homegrown Dominance to Africa

UC Browser, an undeniable powerhouse in China is finally setting its eyes on Africa immediately after its astounding success in Asian and Indonesia. With smartphone adoption reports etching a striking semblance between the Asian and African market, experts have every reason to believe that UC browser has high chances of making it big in Africa following its official launch into the market.

uc browser asian market shareAccording to a discussion at a popular Nigerian forum, Nairaland, a great portion of the smartphone users prefer UC browser for unique set of reasons that give UC browser an eerie ability to replace a full sized computer.

UC Browser Perks

  • A great AD-Block system that wards off those annoying pop-up adverts
  • Ultra-fast file downloads with a pause/resume option
  • Customization options that let you change theme, font and backgrounds
  • Dedicated widgets to monitor multiple bookmarks with ease
  • A notification systems that tells you whenever your favorite website publishes new content
  • A dedicated UC clipboard to hold all that stuff you come by when browsing online
  • A ton of shortcuts to helpful websites right on the home page making it a perfect content aggregator

These perks are a useless pile of junk to someone who owns a laptop or a computer. However, with consumer reports showing that most of the African and Asian smartphone owners tout cheap or midrange smartphones and rarely have access to personal computers, the additional features would come in quite handy to someone who wants to do more than just browse for fun.

Imagining a farmer on the remote slopes of mount Elgon trying to find out the best way to increase his potato crop yield or a primary school teacher in Maanzoni, an equally removed primary school with no electricity, let alone a computer and internet connectivity will make your realize the benefits of such features in a smartphone browser.

UC Browser’s ability to cater for local problems with utter precision has been the very driving force behind its success in Asia and Indonesia. Kenny Ye, the Director of International Business Department of UC Web, believes that this relevance will also help UC Browser conquer Africa.

“The past few years have seen fast-lane growth in smartphone shipments in Kenya. Riding on the smartphone shift, UC Browser crafted a flurry of handy features, such as its Smart Downloader, Video Player and Gesture Support, to fully exploit the versatility of the smartphone, making mobile browsing easier and smarter for its users”, says Kenny.

With all the browsers showing a steady decline in popularity, there is every reason to believe that UC browsers steady growth could be of great help in the African market.

international browser trends

UC Browser will have to prove its worth against veteran competitors like Chrome and Opera. The additional features and the ability to work around slow internet connections could be what the people on the ground need – and UC is more than willing to give it.


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