Twitter Grants MIT Researchers Access to Tweets and a Modest $10 Million

Twitter is like an avalanche of ideas and opinions. The entire timeline is full of facts, assumptions and possible facts. While this makes Twitter some real gold mine for the dedicated mind, understanding this tirade has been the actual problem. While some applications like HootSuite have the power to draw a conclusion from Tweets and Retweets, there really isn’t a tool that understands Tweets and “Tweeps” in depth. A team of developers over at MIT intent to change this.

Twitter has granted a team of researchers access to its database of Tweets, since its founding in 2006, and every live public tweet. Currently, the group – dubbed Laboratory of Social Machines has no precise objective for its project. However, inside reports hint on something that helps draw a conclusion off all the opinions and ideas on any specific topic.

The greatest strength, and perhaps weakness, of Twitter is that there is no way of coming up with a solid conclusion even after a topic goes viral. This has made the platform a great place to freeze something on its track or a perfect channel for lobbyists to gather virtual support. Making a conclusion off any discussion is a matter of estimations since no one will actually take a side in any topic. The MIT folks intent to change this.

This quest to make sense out of the famous Twitter timeline is not the maiden. Many have tried before and emerged with their own degrees of success. However, the fact that Twitter is offering $10 million to fund the project is a game changer. Dick Costolo, CEO, Twitter believes the research will give a worthy shot at understanding Tweets, Tweeps and Twitter in general.

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