Twitter Direct Message Bots to Revolutionize Customer

There is nothing as boring as contacting Zuku, Safaricom or GoTV customer care on Twitter and having to check your DM or timeline every other second for a response. Twitter seems to have thought this through with the introduction of a chatbot that will allow companies to their customers via Direct Messages faster.

The concept behind the Twitter chatbot is that there are some common problems with fixed solutions. Things that don’t really need a human customer care agent to handle. A bot could easily handle generic queries with specific keywords with the right instructions leading to an almost instant customer support.

Quick customer replies on queries like “Where is my order” or ‘’How can I change my GoTV subscription package’’ will get a preprogrammed response that will be a sufficient response to the customer.

Consequently, businesses will only have to focus on isolated customer support issues that are too complex for the bot.

Twitter’s bot will also allow business to reach out to customers with a DM message to begin a conversation. Multiple welcome messages and prompts will help the customer provide as much information as possible long before an agent gets onto the case.

The result is a seamless on-Twitter customer support platform that will no longer require multiple tweets and DMs to draw attention or get the desired response. This automation is in line with Twitter’s efforts to become the one-stop hub for real-time news and information, both in the social arena and in the corporate world.

According to Twitter’s official report on this, the new features will help businesses create rich, responsive and lovable experiences to their customers without necessarily expanding their customer service teams.

With most of the popular service providers in Kenya so keen on IM bot technology, for instance Telegram Bots, it won’t be long before we all get the same experience on Twitter.

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