Top Gallery App Alternatives for Android

To the refined selfie lovers, the basic Android gallery app could be a liability in many ways. If you are the type that will pose for a photo just almost anywhere, chances are that you phone has tons of photos. Managing these with the native gallery app calls for hours of endless scrolling. While this could prove an interesting pass time activity when stuck in the traffic jam, getting an app that does more than display photos will boost your efficiency and do away with the urge to delete photos in bid to make things more manageable.


With a camera roll or grid layout, MyRoll will make you feel at home when viewing your photos. What makes it different, however, is its ability to group photos into batches depending on locations or time. If you took a vacation to the Mara, the app will neither mix the photos you take care with those of a cute baby you intend to show to your folks up country nor pop up a few questionable photos you took at your friend’s birthday party.

Gallery Doctor

Combining MyRoll with Gallery Doctor will solve some of MyRoll’s shortcomings. Gallery Doctor analyses your photos suggesting what images you should delete. These could poor quality photos or those multiple screenshots you take to share an Instamoment. Since it recommends and lets you approve of the deletion, you won’t lose those important but poorly lit photos. Alternatively, you can always blame it on the app when you intentionally lose an important photo.

A+ Gallery

If you love Facebook, this app will definitely sit well with you. It will connect to your Facebook account’s photo backup putting your images at your fingertips whenever you want to share them. An odd feature lets you search for photos by colour. I wonder who will cram their photo colours in the first place. Either way, it is a fun and functional replacement of your default gallery app.


If you love backing up your photos to a variety of cloud storage services, Quickpic would be a great choice as it can connect to multiple. The most common on the list are Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and Box. If you want to share photos with people near you, you could opt to use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Android Beam. No need to waste data on this.


Piktures has an impressive interface and navigation feature. You create categories for your photos and each category takes a screen in the app. Swiping across will take you from one category to another. You can make categories based on location or calendar view. Adding a featured image for each category or folder you make will always give you an idea of what to find inside long before you open that category.

Photos are a big thing with smartphones. That’s why every manufacturer is trying to squeeze in more Megapixels and software to make their phones the best shooters in the market. Taking control of what you have with a good app will help you enjoy life, and relive moments whenever you want to.

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