Top 7 Free To Air Decoders in Kenya Right Now

Digital TV now sits on a pedestal superior to the now wiped out analog TV. The advantages range from high-definition pictures to the awesome goodness of picking out what you want to see – assuming you aren’t using free to air decoders. The quality pictures come free of charge.


Subscribing to a digital set-top box of your choice will provide this experience and much more. Free to air channels, as I would like to think, are like our veteran KBC, NTV, KTN and so forth. They will do the job just fine if everything you want is some news, several ill placed old movies and some stunning local talent.


The Big Box will coast you Ksh 4,999  and comes with 3GB of FREE internet and 30+ Free to air channels. The icing on the cake with this set box is that it comes with 3G and 4G internet + free Youtube for three months! The channel list, however, is not all that enticing especially if your love your international channels. Concerning the customer service: Think of Safaricom customer service.


When you call they will divert you to an automated machine that will direct and redirect your call right before they put you on hold for ages!  But I guess it’s faster if you contact them through social media than calling the customer service number. So if you hate holding on the phone; sign in to Twitter and who knows. You may get a retweet from the CEO himself!

2. BAMBA TV Decoder

Radio Africa the Company behind the famous Kiss 100 is responsible for the BAMBA decoder.  With Bamba TV we are talking high-definition movies, high-definition pictures, high-definition everything. The amusing fact about BAMBA TV is that it puts to shame all the famous GOTv and even DSTV channels when it comes to clarity. With BAMBA TV you get your radio channels and TV channels as clear as can be depending on your aerial’s direction. Simply put you can’t go wrong with BAMBA TV.


This is a once in a lifetime buy and who doesn’t like the sound of that? You buy once and overlook everything else. You will have access more than 55 channels on this set-top box which presently retails at Ksh. 3300.


If you feel that you need to save that elusive Kenyan shilling then you can   change from your current Startimes Pay TV you can pay a one-time expense of Ksh. 1,499 and turn into a free-to-air Startimes subscriber. Check out the complete list of Startime bouquets here.


For those individuals who would literally die for a Kenyan mix i.e. a collection of Kenyan channels. You can get this recent FTA HD decoder from Hotpoint for just Ksh 3195 with a 1-year guarantee, you can record to USB with no extra costs. With this decoder, you will have all the local channels 3 stones, channel 5 from Tanzania you name it. A total collection of 28 channels, gospel channels as well and no dish needed. That sounds like an awesome deal for the lovers of local talent.

Check its latest price


Technosat has a reputation of creating great receivers. As much as this decoder is good innovation wise, the design is to die for. It’s more of a rugged design that has been made very easy to handle, I mean the ease of use of Technosat decoders is second to none.


From its name, you can tell that it’s an HD decoder. To top it up these are some of its best features: It’s a full HD MPEG 4 decoder, Blind scan ability it supports USB 2.0 PVR. These are the most critical features to me anyway.


Known as the housewife’s paradise you can get over 30 TV stations and various radio stations and this list is growing so you better watch out for this one.

This free to air decoder has a USB port through which you can play your videos, photographs and your favorite music which is sorted in portable gadgets, for example, Flash disks, Micro SD cards, cell telephones, external hard disks and so forth Through the same USB port you can record and save your most loved TV program, or music on a Flash disk and play it later through the PVR function.


I think it is safe to say that we all agree this is the best feature so far. It also has a parental control lock where you can rate or set certain TV programs as suitable or unsuitable for kids using a password lock.


First of all let’s talk about the physical features, The Thyword decoder/set top box is silver in color and has a button at the front just like most free to air decoders. With this switch you can switch off the decoder completely and not have it on standby mode. The genuine technical name of the Thyword decoder from what we can surmise is QC-X plus series V.


The Thyword decoder is a completely MPEG4 DVBT2/DVBS2 decoder. This means it can get Digital Video Broadcasting Channels through Terrestrial and in addition Satellite means by using an ordinary TV radio wire/ethereal and using a satellite dish(es). This is where the origins of “Combo” hail from.

Instead of owning a decoder and TV, you can opt for a digital TV that receives digital signals using an ordinary aerial. These only receive 40+ local channels, same to most of these decoders mentioned here. Click here to check out some of the digital TVs available in the country.

17 thoughts on “Top 7 Free To Air Decoders in Kenya Right Now

  1. these channels that indicate SCRAMBLED CHANNELS can they be paid for, and then be added to saved channels?

  2. I’m using a decoder by the name leader T1. I was told its free. Now it shows only KBC others it says scramble channel

  3. Hello,
    Can I get a free to air decoder that uses a DSTV dish?,…..if available, please give me the cost and direction on where to get around Nairobi. Sick of paying for TV.

  4. Hi,Paul from Kakamega,im I supposed to purchase another decoder for free to air channels because I do have sas 603 stb dvb-s2 already?

      1. I currently use zuku but I need a free to air ma sick of paying,so I wanted to buy bamba n use the dish as an aerial

  5. Hello I love the informative piece. I have a Bamba tv decoder in Kapsabet and it doesn’t work. No signal at all, I have tried everything even calling customer care without success. No signal at all. Number of channels found zero.

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