Top 10 Youtubers and Youtube Channels to Check Out in Kenya

According to recent Alexa rankings, YouTube holds position 3 for the most visited sites in Kenya only after Google and Facebook. Because of the large number of online users adopting social media platforms and media play as their go-to source of entertainment, Kenya also boasts of a pole position in Africa for countries where revenue collection from YouTube is at an all time high. In turn, leading Kenyan Youtubers have been estimated to rake in good money from their page views every month, in particular those having YouTube adverts.

While a large fraction of content viewed online gravitates towards occurrences in the international scene, there is an upside to the online participation in the country. As luck would have it, we have our very own stars doing a stellar job on YouTube, and they have a solid backing as well.

From group effort to individual pursuits, we offer our suggestions for must-watch Kenyan YouTube channels that you definitely need to add to your bucket-list. The following list is arranged in accordance to YouTube channels with the highest number of subscribers, views, target audience as well as consistency in dishing out new content. If you haven’t watched what these youtubers have to offer, we advise that you click on the links to get a taste of local flair.

1.Bellesa Africa

There is no question that Bellesa is the biggest individual effort on YouTube from Kenya. Despite the fact that several people run blogs focusing on beauty products, she has managed to make a name for herself for doing it right. Kangai Mwiti, the owner of the channel, walks the talk by delving into the nitty gritty steps on how to apply makeup in her tutorials. The outcome of her compelling content and unparalleled approach to sharing her knowledge is an awe-inspiring 89,055 subscribers and 5, 396,690 page views.


2.Jim Nduruchi

With a big heart, definitely comes a huge following! Jim Nduruchi owns this list with the highest number of views smashing the 93,000,000 mark. And it is not by happenstance that his channel has 66,323 subscribers and growing. With his jigger eradication campaign, he traverses the continent doing what few can consider doing. His vlog is also dedicated to showing the world the kind of menace crippling forgotten and dejected African villages. In the course of his work, Nduruchi has had his fair-share of mishaps picking up the mite on one occasion and having to undergo the jigger-removal treatment.


3.Sauti Sol

Leading the local music industry with the highest following consisting of 54,577 subscribers and 13,971,630 page views, is the afro pop band – Sauti Sol. Sauti Sol Youtube channel might only have 63 videos but each one is definitely a mouthful; and considering that several videos are worth looking at more than once, you can never get enough of them. Subscribe to Sauti Sol’s channel to get insights for their latest music releases, event happenings, retro albums and so much more stuff.


4.HD Mwas

If you are a Reggae or Dancehall fanatic, you can call this channel your second home. And if by any chance, you might think that HD Mwas is all icing no cake and all talk no show, be prepared to swallow your pride after watching over 1,700 high quality video releases from the two categories of music. The channel has 30, 785 subscribers and 27,998,734 views. The proclaimed ‘source’ for HD reggea and dancehall music definitely has to be true since numbers don’t lie.


5.Duchess Gabrielle

Gabrielle Mwangi aka Duchess Gabrielle is another major local sensation on YouTube who offers consistent, cost effective tips to making yourself look good on her channel. Her content model is totally different from Kangai Mwiti’s concept since she centers on providing ‘natural’ and cost friendly solutions that you can use on your skin, face and body. Quite interesting especially when we all know that beauty does not come cheap. As of writing this piece, she had 26, 279 subscribers and 2,604,191 page views.


6.Elani Muziki

Number 6 on the list, we have the multi-talented trio Elani. The group comprising of Bryan Chweya, Wambui Ngugi and Mureen Kunga are a force to be reckoned with. Elani’s channel has 22, 975 subscribers and only 35 videos that has garnered a whopping 4,223,309 views. For a considerable amount of time, the group has been quiescent, but they have recently resurfaced partly blaming their hiatus on woes arising from MCSK. Fans can only wait and see what the group will pull out of the hat next. Probably after the showdown between the music group and MCSK, we might see a major comeback of Elani.


7.Caroline Mutoko

If you cannot stand criticism, then the type of discourse offered by Caroline Mutoko would probably be hard to swallow. Her candid approach to voicing her thoughts can easily run someone off especially since she focuses on contentious issues affecting the country. The channel main focus includes matters politics, relationships and other trending topics. Since she does not shy off controversial subjects that most prominent personalities would fret talking about, her channel is bound to be a household name. Regardless of your stance on her ideologies, she is worth the watch. Caroline Mutoko’s 22,803 subscribers and 1,655,926 page views are deserving of her bold ego.


8.Willy Paul

Once tagged the ‘Justin Bieber’ of Kenya’s music industry, Willy Paul a celebrated Gospel artist has an incredibly loyal fan base that follow him religiously- to say the least. Despite the fact that his social life has been marred with controversy, Willy Paul remains a favorite for many; going by the numbers in his variable social accounts. Faithful subscribers can enjoy watching his latest music releases and snippets of his personal life from the channel. Willy Paul’s Channel has 18,628 subscribers and 6,080,732 page views.


9.This is Ess

This is Ess, is a Youtube channel run by the vivacious and overtly infatuated fashionista, Sharon Mundia. Sadly, for all you wannabe suitors, she is off the market. With her wealth of knowledge in providing fashion and beauty advice, Sharon dedicates her time to inform viewers on what they should do to remain trendy with simple DIY tips. The channel also includes travelogue films where she tours different locations in and out of the country. ThisIsEss has 9,102 subscribers and 419,514 page views.


10.Elodie Zone

Closing our list of the 10 top YouTube channels to watch out for is Elodie Zone. Elodie zone probably covers everything that encompasses life issues in a millennial’s mind frame. Watching a good number of her videos, I was amazed by how she turns simple and touchy topics into interesting talking points- based on her POV.

Whether it is her life as a student in France or her Kenyan experiences, you can find it all in her channel. On this list, she also boost of being the youngest youtuber repping millennials with an incredible 319,942 page views and 6,736 subscribers.

Although this sums up our list of top 10 YouTube channels to check out, there are several other up-and-coming channels with interesting discussions and amazing presentation, trying to make their way to the top. Hopefully, in the future, they might have their turn at the throne.

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