The Next James Bond Film, Spectre, Could be the Last for Sony Studios

If you want to know how detrimental bad publicity could be to business, talk to Amy Pascal, Sony’s former chair. The rough day following the famous November 2014 hack not only cost her the job but also delivered a series of sucker punches on the company’s studio performance. However, with its best-seller, the James Bond Franchise’s next instalment, Spectre, on the way we have reason to believe in the silver lining myth.

Sony has always had a commendable run with James Bond films. Since acquiring distribution rights in 2006, the franchise’s sales have steadily increased from a meagre $333 million to an impressive $1.1 billion.

Sony revived agent 007, brining order into the mess it was in the 90s and early 2000s. Despite individual efforts from actor Pierce Brosnan, the film lacked the oomph that we once associated with 007.

Over time, Sony’s involvement has improved both the earnings and success of the movies through careful production and suave marketing.

The sad part is the success story might soon be that – a story. Sony’s distribution rights will end this November, once they work on Spectre. After this, they will have to jostle with Warner Bros or Disney for the opportunity.

Either way, agent 007 will be safe no matter who chooses to produce him. Warner Bros and Disney might be on a formidable form, but that would never make us overlook what Sony did in redefining the meaning of ‘licensed to kill.’


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