Use Telegram to unsend embarrassing messages

More often than not, people send wrong messages when chatting. It is after hitting the send button that they realize they have sent an embarrassing message or the right message to the wrong person. With the new year 2017 upon us, you can quickly get yourself out of such tension-filled moments. Just ensure you are using the latest version of Telegram to access its new feature that lets you unsend embarrassing messages.unsend embarrassing messages telegram

How to unsend wrong messages on Telegram

This new feature is pretty easy to use. Immediately after realizing you have sent the wrong message or to the wrong recipient, go ahead and select that message and delete it. The app will request for a confirmation before you delete the message. Once you hit the OK option, the message will be deleted from your end as well as your recipient’s.

It is worth noting that the unsend or weird message delete feature only works for messages you have sent in the last 48 hours. The other great thing about this new feature is that it works in both groups and one-on-one chats.

Take away

Having used Telegram since its release in 2013, I have to note that this feature to unsend embarrassing messages is superior to the Secret chat feature. Secret chats have been on Telegram for a while but required a user to invite another to access automatic deletion of messages from both the sender and recipient after a set duration.

Provided you are using Telegram you will never worry about sending or sharing a wrong photo to a business or family group. Even if the recipient has read your message, you can delete it before they take a screenshot.

As always, it is clear Telegram is leading the pack of Messaging applications in introducing much needed features. It will be no surprise if other apps implement the same feature soon.

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