Stark Raving ‘Angry Birds 2’ Now in Stores

The popular ‘Angry Birds’ game has taken flight again with the much-awaited sequel ‘Angry Birds 2’. Just like its predecessor, you can enjoy watching your favorite bird in the flock causing a mess out of everything in a suicide mission.

Angry Birds 2 promises to be a smashing hit, going by the responses it has gotten since its launch. With the immense hype surrounding the release, the likelihood of the game surpassing previous versions of Angry Birds, including Angry Birds Star Wars and Angry Birds Rio that were also crowd movers are sky-high.

Although the game has different tasks and competitions, nothing much has changed about the game play, as the motive still remains blowing up pigs and recovering eggs. Perhaps the most notable change you will get to experience includes the perfections in graphical imaging.

In the sequel, your birds take the form of cards. The more you use the cards your life reduces. Therefore, to continue playing, you have to refill after every use. While the easiest way to do this is by buying more chances using either gems or real cash, the alternative is to wait for the timer to clock down- where waiting for half an hour will get you five cards.

You can also switch birds at any level of the game as you wish and win back a bird, only if you manage to cause massive destructions. In that case, doing well in the game gets you rewarded, but completing a level with minimal destruction, having used up your entire arsenal, means you will be slapped with a ‘Game Over’ notification on the screen.

The game allows you to buy a second chance to play the same level again if you lose, by using ‘gems’ earned from daily tasks and real world cash games. Using the in-game currency, you can also arm yourself with consumable spell cards that enable you to cause huge destructions at any level.

Angry Birds 2 birds are more ambitious and feisty than ever before. As for the damages, they are irreparable and messy. As always, Android and iPhone lovers have something to smile about because they got it first on the iOS app store as well as Google play store. Since Angry Birds 2 is ad-supported, the game is completely free.

Take a load of the trailer below.

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