SimbaPay Launches Mpesa PayBill for Kenyans in the Diaspora

Are you a Kenyan living in a foreign country? Or a Kenyan citizen who has just visited a foreign country? Well, if you are in any of the above situations, you understand how difficult it is for you to pay your bills –something that you can do easily, through Mpesa, while back home. Worry no more! SimbaPay, a local digital money transfer solutions provider, has moved in to your rescue thanks to their new M-Pesa service, known as M-Pesa PayBill.

SimbaPay’s Mpesa PayBill is a payment platform that will enable Kenyan expatriates pay their bills while abroad. Talk of paying your water, electricity, rent, or even your local shoe vendor. PayBill is a service that has been on M-Pesa for quite some time, however, subscribers outside the country could not access its services. According to SimbaPay, Kenyans use M-Pesa PayBill service to pay hundreds of vendors via Mpesa, therefore, there was need to include expatriates in the fray.

Speaking during the launch, SimbaPay CEO, Nyasinga Onyancha, said that the products would be useful for clients living abroad to make sensitive payments to stock brokers and hospitals, among others, without having to go through family or friends. He also revealed that in order to send these payments, you would not need to have a Safaricom number with an M-Pesa subscription, as it is the case for those living in Kenya. Kenyans enjoy zero rates for M-Pesa to payBill services as SimbaPay offers this service free of charge.

To use the service in making payments to a PayBill number, Kenyans living in foreign countries will only need a credit card or debit card, which they will use with the SimbaPay app. The application can be accessed from any computer, tablet or smartphone, and the transfers are credited instantly. The service has currently been rolled out in the UK, and plans are underway to enable its use in other European countries.

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