Samsung's Transparent Truck Project on its Single Argentine Voyage

Samsung seems to have its eyes fixed on other forms of success. It could be they are just marketing their TV screens, are genuinely concerned about road safety or just let its designers go rogue. Whatever it is, the Argentine branch of this Korean tech powerhouse surely got their imagination rolling.

Let’s make this truck transparent!

Well, they did succeed in doing this – to some extent. By rigging some cameras to the front beefing live feed of the road ahead to four gigantic screens at the back of the truck, they managed to let driver know what is ahead of the truck. No more peeping around the edge to see if it is safe to overtake or not.

And they saw it was good

Samsung believes that this innovative solution will cut down on the number of accidents by ensuring that drivers never have to apply emergency brakes. You will always know what is beyond the truck and accommodate it in your driving. Such a solution would be perfect on a two-way lane, but useless on one way traffic.

Watching TV and driving is never safe

Samsung didn’t however seem optimistic of their latest invention. The truck seen in this video is no longer operational. We don’t have a timeline on when this truck will ply the streets. At least, they seem to subscribe to my bottom line – at least for the time being:

It doesn’t matter how huge the screen is or what it is displaying. Just don’t watch and drive. You will miss something, be it on the screen or on the road. It’s just like drinking and driving. You will either spill your drink or crash.

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