Samsung Set To Release Two Bendable Smartphones in Early 2017

When you mention android phones, the Samsung brand will definitely be on your list. They are known to release gadgets of high quality and interesting features. The South Korean firm is arguably the most reputable phone manufacturer, only closely rivaled by the apple’s iPhone brand but that is an argument for another day.

samsung bendable devices

Reportedly in their pipework are two phones to be released early 2017 that will feature a rather unusual and interesting capability.

The Samsung Bendable Devices aren’t a Myth

If what ‘people- familiar –with- the- matter’ stated is anything to go by then Samsung is set to release two new smartphone models with bendable screens.

Yes, you read it right, phones with screens that can actually bend. It is unbelievable to even grasp the concept of a bendable screen when some of us have had our phones damaged as a result of accidentally bending the screen.

People privy to the details claim the gadgets, under the project valley codename, are set for release by early February in line with the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

One of the gadgets is said to feature a 5-inch screen that folds in half similarly to a cosmetic compact. Since a number of phone enthusiasts complain of the inability to comfortably fit 5-inched screen phones in their pockets this capability addresses their concern.

The other can reportedly serve as a 5-inch screen phone and an 8-inch one simultaneously thanks to the bendable OLED technology.

One has the option to open the display up from a 5-inch to an 8-inch as they wish. This will mean you will no longer have the need to carry your phone and tablet since a single device can serve both purposes.

The devices are rumored to deviate from the successful Galaxy S series but rather hinted to Galaxy X as the likely new name for these new releases.

Sorry to the Galaxy S moniker lovers but I see these new releases taking over.

Design Challenges for Bendable Screens

This project has been a work-in-progress for years with a number of challenges probably delaying the release. The first major challenge was to develop a screen that won’t break when folded.

There was a breakthrough after they shifted from traditional glass support to a flexible plastic-based substrate.

Other challenges were on whether the folding will stand the test of time and achieving small curvature radiuses.

Foldable and bendable gadgets will be a game-charger for not only Samsung but the whole smartphone market. It is interesting to see how they will come up with a user interface for foldable screens, guess we will just have to wait and see.

But going by the confirmation they made in January about the good progress they had made on folding display technology, the “Galaxy X” brand will likely be a household name come next year.

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