Bundles Mwitu – A Perfectly Legal and Explainable Resell Business

The bundels mwitu saga has been ongoing for quite some time now. While Safaricom blatantly disownes the sellers and warned subscribers to purchase these bundles at their own risk, the business has continued to thrive, attracting more attention from Safaricom and authorities. (check out this post (“The Bundles Mwitu Saga – A Conclusive Review of Events“) for a quick recap on the entire bundles mwitu business)

With some rumors going around on some investigation of sellers and buyers by NIS, people are beginning to get wary with every purchase. Whether the rumor is true or not, being careful when venturing into the bundles mwitu stalls could save your cash. There has been reports of people swindled off their hard earned cash by sellers gone rogue while other buyers profess the loyalty of their sellers over time.

What has Safaricom said about this? So far, it has discouraged subscribers from using bundles mwitu. It however has not made an explicit move to block out users accessing the web via the bundles. Actually, Safaricom has come out clear and stated that buying or selling bundles mwitu is not illegal at all.

By explaining the concept, you would find that the selling of these unconventional bundles is more like distributing bundles bought in bulk to others. Let us do some math.

If you buy 25GB from Safaricom, you will spend Ksh11,500
Splitting this into 100Mb packages, you will end up with (25,000/100) 250 units. Safaricom will charge you Ksh100 for 80Mbs, 20Ksh for 16Mbs and Ksh5 for 4Mbs. This totals to 100Mbs for Ksh125.
A reseller with the 25GB package can afford to sell you 100Mbs at half the price (Ksh 62.5) and still make a profit (250x62.5 = 15,625). This is a (15625-11500 = Ksh4,125) profit. Increasing the price to a cheaper and acceptable Ksh80 will result into a better profit.

The reselling concept is perfectly right and legal. Since Safaricom cannot legally ban the Sambaza move that it introduced a while ago and is used to effect this business, all it can do is caution you to avoid being defrauded. They have also reduced the number of times you can Sambaza bundles from 50 to 20 a month. Again, this is nothing since the seller can own multiple SIM cards.

Since bundles mwitu are legit data, there is nothing Safaricom can do to shut them down. For now, we can keep on enjoying the data and perhaps hope that Safaricom will lower down its rates to battle the competition or completely ban the Sambaza data feature.

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