How to Root Your MediaTek Chipset Smartphone

MediaTek is famed for its ability to create cheap but powerful chipsets, or simply put, processors. This means that most of the budget or cheap smartphones in the Kenyan, Nigerian or any other market would be MediaTek based. There are a couple of tools to help you root any MediaTek based device without even using a PC. Here are the top best and how to use them.

  1. Root Your Android Device With Vroot App
  2. Rooting an Android Phone Using Framaroot
  3. Rooting Android With Kingroot Guide

Things to Do Before Rooting Your Android Phone

You must understand that there are some dangers that come with the rooting procedure – especially if you do it wrong. There are a couple of extra steps needed for different phone models. I’ll keep you posted on any extras you will need to successfully root specific phone models.

Since the listed options root without using a computer, you will have to:

  • Charge your phone battery to at least 50%
  • Enable APK installation from unknown sources (Settings>Security>Unknown Sources)
  • Make sure you have an internet connection. If on mobile data, you’ll need at least 50Mbs

Most of the tools also have a more powerful Desktop client. This will require that you:

  • Install your device specific drivers to the computer you will be using
  • Having a USB cable in good working condition
  • Enable USB debugging on your phone

The worst that could ever happen to your phone is have it go off while the rooting process is incomplete. This could brick your phone or make the recovery process hard. You should also consider creating a backup of your data and configurations. You will not have to create a backup of your ROM unless you intend to flash a new ROM immediately.

About MediaTek Phones

The MediaTek phone list is long and endless. I’d say most of the impressive budget phones are based on MediaTek. Some other common models are Tecno, Huawei, Cubot, Infinix, LG, Oppo and so forth. You can use the almost complete list of MediaTek based phones to find your phone.

1.      How to Root Your Android Device With Vroot (iRoot) App

This, in my opinion is the best on the list. You can root a wide range of phones regardless of their current OS and it will not work on unsupported chipset hence reducing the risk of bricking your phone. It is a great place to start when rooting your Android smartphone.

Vroot now goes by the name iRoot. If you want the old version (for some weird reason only known to you), you can download it here Vroot Download. You will get the latest iRoot app here: Download iRoot.

Using the APK is easy as you will just run it on your phone and let it detect and root your phone if possible. The alternative would be installing the Computer version (remember to download the English Version of the App), connect your phone, accept USB debugging prompt and sit back until the application detects your phone model before tapping the green Root button.

2.      Rooting an Android  Phone Using Framaroot

This is your best solution if you do not want to us a PC at all. It supports a wide variety of MediaTek based phones and will work on the latest Android OS without any trouble.

Rooting or unrooting your Android device with Framaroot is as simple as installing the app, launching it and using one of the listed exploits. Most of the MTK devices like Tecno and Infinix will use the Barahir exploit.

keep-calm-and-root-you-androidYou can find a complete list of the supported devices here

Here is the procedure to root a device with Framaroot

  • Get the latest version of the APK here
  • Install the Framaroot APK and launch it
  • Select the install superuser option
  • Select an exploit (here is a guide to choosing the right exploit for your phone)
  • Wait for the Success notification
  • Restart device and enjoy


3.      Using Kingroot to Root Your Android Device

Kingroot worked flawlessly on a couple of devices I tried it on. It is light and easy to use making it a worthy contender to the list. Since the latest version is tested and proven on Android Lollipop, I’m certain it will work on anything you throw at it.

The procedure is simple. Just visit with your phone or computer and hit the right download button. You have the choice of using the APK or resorting to a more powerful computer based solution.

Did the above solutions work for you? If not, let us know about your predicament in the comments section. Don’t forget to leave your phone model and current OS. We will be more than glad to help.





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