Sh3.48bn: The Estimated Worth of Unredeemed Safaricom Bonga Points  

We all love loyalty programs. That’s why Safaricom bonga points exist, and virtually all supermarkets have loyalty cards. Even though there are more than a handful of loyalty programs in Kenya, Safaricom easily scoops the biggest share with its ledgers quoting values north of Sh3.2 billion worth of unclaimed bonga points in 2013 and a 8.9 percent per annum growth.

Accumulating such in less than a decade means a lot bearing in mind that a mere bonga point is worth Sh10 (Theoretically).

This means that a bonga point is worth a shilling, 10,000 points should therefore be worth one shilling on the general market. Whatever the case, the true worth of bonga points goes beyond the mere valuation of these loyalty credit units. Knowing how to use them appropriately will perhaps give you a reason to abscond the ‘business crippling’ but affordable bundles mwitu.

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  1. Microsoft Lumia 535: 40000 Bonga Points

Using Your Points

To gather the points, all you need is recharge or use one of the many Safaricom services. With the telecommunications giant so deeply rooted in Kenya, accessing its services might be more of an accident than it is of a plan.

This is simple. Using the gathered bundles might not be that straightforward. Here are the most appropriate ways of getting a piece of the over 4.5billion lying around in Safaricom’s vaults (It’s not like they stash the points in a vault, I doubt they would do that.)

Trade them for hard cash

This is not a conventional business. It is just but a sideshow exploiting the “Changa na Bonga” philosophy that lets people do bonga points transfer to friends – or so it ought to. A buyer with cash could easily qualify as friend, just for as long as the deal lasts. The only downside is you tend to get less returns for such deals with the dealers stating their own rates subject to current market forces.

Redeem the points for more Safaricom services

Safaricom keeps a convenient catalogue of services you can access using bonga points rather than actual credit. These include internet bundles, airtime, minutes and texts. You can access the menu and browse the available offers by dialing *126#. Alternatively, you could log into Safaricom selfcare service center and grab whatever you want, provided you have enough bonga points to back up your “wants.”

Grab a smartphone

This could be the ultimate bonga point redeem goal to many Safaricom services subscribers. Safaricom will always have  a smartphone offer running at any specific time. You can either go for pure bonga point phones or opt for the bonga points plus cash offers. It’s all up to you. Settle for what you fancy most. Head over to Safaricom selfcare services website to view all their active offers this month.

Laptops and other accessories

You can redeem a variety of products at the Safaricom shop. Bonga points laptops and tablets are a common thing since its shops have quite a variety of such offers. However, carrying along some cash and being ready to make some tradeoffs is the only sure way to getting a great deal.

Fly somewhere, wherever

A partnership with KQ lets you fly locally with bonga points, no cash. You can access this redeem option by dialing *126#. The rates however, are interesting. You can fly to Mombasa from Nairobi with just 28,000 points (the cheapest one-way ticket) and as high as 160,000 points (return via Nairobi business class ticket.)


The plan is elaborate, just like many other Safaricom services. Clients rarely lose points and you will always get the stipulated value for your points should you choose to redeem. The only problem is Safaricom chooses what they give for their bonga points – and their decision is final. No appeals or hunger strikes will make them change minds if they don’t please.

That’s the catch thing with rewards and redeemables. You get what the big brother feels you deserve, and you should be, rather, must be happy for the reward.

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