How to Post an Ad on OLX for Maximum Reach

The total impressions (views) for an OLX ad is an overt indication of the likelihood that a product will be bought. This statement echoes sentiments shared by the ‘theory of numbers’ that explains how a salesperson hones his or her odds of selling a good or service based on the number of house visits made.

While this concept may apply to making a sale on OLX, there is an added twist. In this case, the seller lacks the benefit of movement, and is unable to knock on people’s doors to market his products. Instead, the seller must rely on factors that will lead to customers knocking at his door.

That being the case, before any deal is sealed, a seller needs to adopt variable unique sales techniques that will cause an upsurge in the number of people building up interest for his products, eventually, prompting a sales call.

In this article, we share suggestions you can use to make your ad viral and fruitful, hence, reap handsomely on OLX.

Premium Ads

As a rule of the thumb, if you want to make money, you have to spend money. With OLX, you can achieve this by opting for a premium ad. A premium ad is an option where a seller that could be an individual or a business, makes a specific payment so that goods or services sold appear first in the listings. Regardless of how a prospective buyer does his search, as long as your ad is paid for, it will pop up on the top of the list.

This excellent approach gives an ad visibility to numerous buyers searching for products or services in that category.

 how-to-post-ad-on-olxEdit Your Ad Occasionally

By design, OLX result pages are arranged starting with the latest posts. Every time a new product is added to the list, old ones become superfluous and are pushed to the next page.

In that case, to ensure your post finds itself on the top of the list where it’s visible to numerous people searching for the product, you have to keep on editing the details.

To accomplish this, post a new ad for the product on the platform. By adopting this aggressive approach, you are bound to make your product visible to a bevy of online shoppers every other time.

Use Coherent images

This is probably the oldest trick in the book when it comes to making a sale on any online platform. There is no question; buyers opt for sellers who upload actual images of the product. Such sellers are able to make a quick sale and convincing one as well compared to those who upload images downloaded from the internet.

At the same time, sellers who use clear images are more likely to make a sale than people who use poorly pixelated images. Clear images serve as an ‘eye candy’ to buyers who want used or new products that look good and are effective.

Since OLX already has a large audience, the images you post will determine whether a potential buyer will consider looking at your ad twice, or not. Take photos of the product from different angles so that the buyer can see the condition of the product from different end views.

Be Specific

A good ad has to be specific. Keep the description short and straight to the point. The details for your post should be optimized with words that most buyers key in the search bar when looking for the product. Case in point, if you are trying to sell sneakers, the post should read something like this:

New/old (Nike, Addidas, Pony etc.) sneakers for XY ages/shoe size (mention your target age group). The same applies to electronics since anyone who wants to buy a laptop on OLX will want to know it’s exact details before contacting you.

This way, a customer looking for sneakers will know that he is going for new or old shoes. Moreover, the buyer will be able to determine whether the shoes are suitable for someone his age or shoe size.

Take time to consider specific keywords/target words that most buyers use to search for the product. To come up with a unique description, you have to put yourself in the shoes of a buyer. Think like a buyer to determine the kind of impact your ad will have on customers.

Look at how other sellers have described their shoes to come up with your own description. Do not copy full details from your competitors since this will make the ad tasteless and clichéd. Most importantly, make the description catchy with an interesting tagline, which will prompt a call to action.

How to Make Real Money on OLX

OLX as an open market is more than just a platform for selling your old stuff and things you do not need. There are other better ways you can use the website to your advantage. For instance, you can buy products elsewhere- at a discounted price- and then sell them on OLX for profit.

OLX is also an excellent place to create or reinforce a startup. Given that the platform already provides reliable and established organic traffic, the only thing you need to do is make your ads appealing and prospective leads will follow.

Since the launch of OLX, several businesses have found their grounding from this platform. You can be part of the success story and increase your conversions by following the simple tips described above to ‘bump’ your ad on the website.

Bottom line

The fact that a vast number of millennials have accepted online platforms as the future of shopping is a good indication. The only prudent thing left to do is adoption of guerrilla marketing strategies in order to maximize on sales.

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