Panache Air PC, Fitting the Computer on a Stick

You can’t definitely shrug away an idea to own a highly portable PC, especially one that boasts of most features that are usually a preserve of desktop PCs. At only $200 (Approximately Ksh20,000), the Panache stick PC which can easily convert your TV screen to a computer is meant for all kinds of people.

However, if you can’t stop wondering whether this PC will meet your computing needs read on.

Panache Air PC is a pocket-PC that falls in the same category as the Intel Compute Stick and Google Chromebit. This PC stick is powered by Windows 10 and an Intel Quad core processor that clocks at 1.33 GHz. But how good is it compared to its direct competitors?

How Portable Is Panache Air PC?

With many scientists around the world immersed in making existing gadgets smaller and better, PCs, as expected are part of the fray. From the first football-pitch-sized computer to the present day smartphones and notebook PCs, the tech world seemingly has a way of making the computer smaller but difficulty in maintain its powerful processing power.

The first time I came across the Panache Portable PC and saw it running on Windows 10 for desktop PC’s, I was thrilled by the perception that it could be the most powerful stick PC so far. After a careful analysis, I got a mixed reaction between embracing it as a nimble step on a long journey for the desktop computer or out rightly ridicule it as eccentric to the core expectations consumers have in the portable PC market.

First of all, I find the idea of naming this PC portable is a little bit far-fetched given that it’s completely unusable without an external keyboard and mouse. Panache does not provide any of these, let alone the cables, when you purchase the stick. It would be irrational to say it is a pocket PC as the complete unit CAN’T fit in your pocket.

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Connecting Panache Stick PC

The PC has one USB 2.0 port, a micro USB port, a HDMI port and power input port. Making the initial connection, from the power unit to the Air Panache PC, is quite rosy. However, things get ugly when you have it powered on and you want to enter your Windows 10 password.

Having no keyboard or mouse is one issue but having only one USB port makes me think the manufacturers were quite arrogant here. Maybe power supply issues played a major role. To get this device working, you have to buy a OTG cable to be used with either a compatible mouse or keyboard. Even while in this mode, your problems aren’t over. Try connecting an external device and that is when you will discover you can do it unless you buy a multi-port USB connector. Pretty irritating here.

To get this device working, you have to buy a OTG cable to be used with either a compatible mouse or keyboard. Even while in this mode, your problems aren’t over.

Although the solution is to use a USB hub or connect one of the devices via Bluetooth if they support it, it is definitely cumbersome. It has a 5V/2A power input which is just enough to power the computer and its attached devices.

You can connect the screen via a HDMI cable or a VGA connector.


I didn’t expect much with regards to storage options and I wasn’t shaken or freaked by its 2GB RAM. In fact, given its low processing power the size of the RAM is just a conformation that your powerful applications have no chance of running on this device.

It is isn’t upgradable, so get that thought out of your mind.

A 32GB internal ROM is just enough to hold your documents and a few multimedia files. However, if you need more space, it has a memory card slot that is expandable to 128GB. I find it more suited to carrying your office work home, rather than using if for entertainment. Save your PS4 or Xbox for that purpose.

Processing Speed

The Panache Air PC is powered by the Intel Z3735F Quad core processor, which is not that different from the processor used in the Intel Compute Stick. It runs at 1.33 GHZ. This quad-core Intel Atom processor is a culmination of efforts by Intel to create a processor that uses minimum power to offer maximum performance without compromising on quality.

Although it works better on light applications, running heavy applications will be a frustrating ordeal. The Panache PC can complement your computer but it can’t replace it.

Panache PC

Operating System

Perhaps the most notable, or even selling point, of the Air PC is its ability to run Windows 10. At a time when the latest operating system is gradually gaining popularity despite a few bugs, it is indeed a wise decision that the PC comes with a licensed version of Windows 10.

You can enjoy multiple lightweight applications and games as well as shop and purchase learning material online. Microsoft office runs seamlessly and surfing the internet or opening pdf files is just a breeze. But this only happens without many applications installed on the PC as they can end up depleting resources.


You can connect to the internet thanks to its Wi-Fi 802.11 capability. You can surf seamlessly and access thousands of applications on Microsoft store. It also comes with Bluetooth 4.0 for sharing files and connecting to a wireless Bluetooth-enabled keyboard or mouse.


The Air PC has a HDMI connector that makes it easy to connect to HD screens and provides up to 1080p in resolution. You will enjoy superb graphics when watching your favorite movies or videos. However, keep in mind that despite the resolution, you won’t be able to run powerful programs.


Despite the hype that accompanies stick PC’s, none has actually impressed. I thought Panache Stick PC was perverse enough to get a good reception. But as it goes, it is still is the same stick PC sugar-coated with a new operating System -Windows 10. Technology may be at a standstill as far as these PCs are concerned. If you think this is the ideal PC for your day-to-day computing needs, go for it. However, it is important to note that it isn’t a replacement for your laptop or desktop PC.

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