No More Passwords – Fingerprint Authentication Is Upon Us

My passwords are getting out of control. I keep on forgetting them whenever I do not have my Google Chrome browser to remind me what they are. I was thinking of stashing them away in Dropbox. This way, I will just have my Dropbox password to remember. This would’ve been better than updating the now tattered notebook I keep in my dresser’s drawer.

You can just imagine how excited I was to hear that the next version of Android will take some of this load off me.

Dubbed Android M, the next version of the widely used smartphone OS will feature ‘native fingerprint authentication.’ According to a report from BuzzFeed, this would let you log into supported apps by just placing your thumb on a scanner.

While this isn’t new to iOS users with TouchID compliant devices (or people on third-party Android apps), it certainly got me interested since I am a die-hard Android fan. The touch authentication feature not only makes your phone safer but is also faster and more convenient.

The only problem is very few devices in the current Android market have the hardware to support this feature. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4, S6 variants and HTC One Max are the few you should be looking up to if you want to enjoy this feature.

Hopefully, this will change sooner than later and let the fun trickle to a better part of the Android fraternity.

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