Must Buy – The Infinix Hot 2 Specs & Price in Kenya

Google’s Infinix Hot 2 X510 is an iteration of last year’s Android One smartphone, the Infinix Hot. With the Infinix Hot 2 retailing at KES 8,999 in Kenya, you could easily shrug it off as a sluggish bottom feeder. Well. It isn’t. While the phone mightn’t be an exact mirror of the finesse you would expect from a Samsung or Sony of the same specs, it’s subtle blocky design and surprisingly sturdy feel exudes an aura of importance that is way beyond the phone’s price tag.


With a 5” IPS LCD Capacitative screen, the Infinix Hot 2 lies within the most favorable screen size category. The wide bezel inflates the actual phone size giving it dimensions bigger than those of most high-end 5” display smartphones. This shouldn’t bother you in any way since most of the ‘wasted’ space is at the top and bottom of the phone. With modest hands, you can still reach most parts of the phone’s screen.

The volume and lock buttons lie on the right within reach of the thumb. A discreet 8-Megapixel camera sits at the rear top left corner some millimeters above an LED flash. Infinix’s approach to designing the phone and fitting the buttons at the right places resonates with Google appeal to designing user-friendly apps and devices. With 5 colors to choose from, Infinix and Google

The hardware

The Infinix Hot 2 runs on a 1.3GHz processor coupled up with 1 or 2GB of RAM. With the piece I got from Jumia Kenya only running on 1GB of RAM, I must admit that the impressive performance I got from the Infinix Hot 2 isn’t the very best Android One has on offer to Kenyans and Africa in general. The 2GB RAM version will definitely be snappier and play demanding games way better.

This doesn’t mean that the 1GB RAM Infinix Hot 2 is a joke. Regular tasks like running multiple apps simultaneously, browsing the web or playing games like Temple Run and Asphalt 8 is fluid in a pleasant way.

The IPS LCD Capacitative screen is an impressive asset for such a price tag. Even though it won’t hit you with the staggering contrasts and liveliness of Super-AMOLED or Retina displays, it’s awesome color separation and screen brightening algorithms make it rather impressive.

The rear 8.0-megapixel camera is actually good at what it does. A couple of software twitches and intelligent exposure settings converts this simple phone to a powerful camera that can easily up your selfie game. The front 2.0MP shooter might be good for video conferencing. Don’t expect it to pull a rabbit off the hat when it comes to high-quality selfies.


Android One emphasizes on brewing a perfect mix between software and hardware to deliver high-performance gadget that run on middle-class hardware. Since its inception, it has never failed to deliver on this. Infinix Hot 2’s impressive performance is an addition to Google’s monumental success on the Android One project.

Running regular apps like mail, social media and chat is fluid and seamless thanks to the capable processor, RAM and highly optimized OS. Running on the latest version of Android, Lollipop 5.1, the Hot 2 will give you premium Android experiences at an acceptable Ksh8999 price in Kenya. With 16GB of internal storage and microSD expansion to 32GB, the Infinix Hot 2 has you covered either way.


The Infinix Hot 2 isn’t meant to be the high-end device you would buy for Ksh25,000 plus. Don’t expect it to behave like one. If you think of it as an under Ksh15,000 phone, however, you will begin to appreciate its powers and capabilities.

In fact, it is the only Android phone under Ksh10,000 that runs the latest version of Android and is scheduled to get the Marshmallow update as soon as it goes live. The perfect mix between price, software and actual performance makes it a worthy gadget to even the most demanding users. I think I will be keeping the piece I got for the review.

It’s quite a pity it isn’t one of the 4G/LTE phones in Kenya. But hey, it is a $8999 phone. You can stick to the more modest phones if you must 4G/LTE Network in Kenya.

Buy the Infinix Hot 2 here.

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