Last Minute Tech Gifts for a Techy Valentine’s

Valentine’s is here. You’ve been all busy chasing paper (or hunched over a PC doing, well, something urgent like me.) You’ve got no present. You have no idea what you should get him or her. Here are some techy Valentine’s gifts that will really make that special person in your life loved and appreciated.

A Rice Cooker (for her)

armco-rice-cooker-valentines-giftWe get it. Boiling rice is complicated, and you always complain of his pathetic rice. Why not skip that expensive Valentine’s dinner he’s been silently dreading and teach him how to make amazing rice with a good rice cooker? You can get a good rice cooker for as low as Ksh 3000 and a techy Armco rice cooker at Ksh 4,995 over at Jumia.

A smartphone case cover (for her)


She’s always tossing her fancy 4G/LTE smartphone into her handbag or leaving it at odd place. Why not step up and get her a stylish case that will both protect and beautify the phone? Go for unique quality. Not those cheap plastic cases littering the streets.

Premium quality headphones (for anyone)

sony-headphones-gift-for-herWe all love music and sometimes want to enjoy it alone. Why not try some premium quality headphones? Spend anything from Ksh1500 to Ksh7,000 on a good brand like Sony, Sennheisser, Dr. Dre. You can never go wrong with these.

3D Virtual Reality Glasses (for him)

3d-virtual-reality-glassesThis is the closest you’ll get to a 3D movie if you hadn’t booked your cinema ticket. These Bluetooth-enabled Virtual Reality Glasses will work with any smartphone whose screen is within the 3.5” to 6” range. They’ll create a pleasant 3D visual impression and an impressive surround sound. You can get them for just Ksh 3,300 at Rupu.

Samsung Smart Camera (for her)


She loves her photos. She’s always bugging you about photo shoots. Why not get her this amazing camera that not only has amazing sensor hardware but also compelling photo editing software. The Samsung Smart Camera will soften photos, add lipstick, eye shadow or even out her eyes on the go. The WiFi connectivity and social media apps means that she can instantly share her photos with the world. You will need a clean Ksh17,450 to own this.

IKEA Laptop Support (for him)


If you don’t really like how his laptop is ever on his laps, you can gift him this amazing laptop support and ensure that he uses it. The Ikea Laptop support gives a firm grippy working surface to your laptop whilst inclining it into an easy to use position. The vendor will deliver it free of charge for just Ksh 1,499.

Technically, you still have over 24 hours before Valentine’s expires. It’s never too late to order or shop for that unique gift. If you think it is, you can always make supper and cue a nice NetFlix movie to buy yourself some time.

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