Microsoft Lumia 535: Average Smartphone for Only 40000 Bonga Points

The new Microsoft Lumia 535 is a statement phone by Microsoft as it tries to address some of the issues that Nokia, former manufacturer of the Lumia brand, failed to solve. The most important being the price. Well, at Ksh13,000 only, Lumia 535 is one of the lowest priced smartphones and comes with a couple of interesting features. However, the phone is far from being one of the best. After taking a closer examination of it, here is what I think.


Microsoft Lumia 535 Screen Resolution & Design

There are very few fairly priced smartphones that come with a 5-inch screen. Microsoft not only managed to offer that but also slim down the phone to 9mm only. Despite its large size, the phone is pretty light, weighing only 146g. I expected the screen resolution to be much better than 960×540, although it is better than the one found in its predecessor, Lumia 530. Apart from its size, the only other positive thing about the screen is that it is covered in Gorilla Glass 3, which is resistant to scratches.


The low screen resolution, characteristic of this phone only depicts one thing –you will get lackluster colors and poor viewing angles. The reason is that the screen is somehow sunken, maybe for beauty purposes. Expect minor difficulties when swiping on the edges of this screen. This is a nuisance to me, therefore, make sure that you are comfortable with it before you spend KSh13,000 or your precious 40,000 bonga points on the Microsoft Lumia 535 if you were to buy it from Safaricom.


It comes with an array of covers, ranging from white to orange. You can opt for any depending on your personality or your mood. J One thing you should note about the covers is that they are very slippery because of their glossy design. Microsoft could have done better, had they added a slightly rugged feel on them.

Microsoft Lumia Covers

Synonymous with most Microsoft Lumia devices, the Lumia 535 comes with a front and rear camera with an LED flash at the back. I will cover their specifications later in this article. It does not have a camera shutter button on the sides, but has power and volume buttons as well as a micro-USB port at the bottom and a headphone jack at the top. Do not get carried off by the design unless you know about its performance.


Microsoft Lumia 535 Performance

The Microsoft Lumia 535 is widely advertised to have a processor speed of 1.2GHz, which seems impressive until you discover it runs on a pretty old Snapdragon 200 processor. That didn’t end your smile, did it? However, it compensates with 1GB of RAM, which improves speed a little and gives you hopes of upgrading to Windows 10 phone OS as it is the minimum requirement for phones to run it.


Within 10 minutes of toying around with the Lumia 535, you will discover that it is not as fast as you thought. Although it comes with 8GB of storage, 4GB is reserved for the system. However, you can still expand your memory by purchasing a micro SD card as it supports up to 128GB.


Bluetooth is still handy and the Microsoft Lumia 535 comes with Bluetooth 4 as well as 802.11n Wi-Fi. With Safaricom, Orange and Airtel planning to roll out 4G network around the country, potential owners of this phone do not have to be excited about anything as it only supports 3G network. There is a dual-SIM version, for those who love differentiating business and leisure. Talk of basic features being combined to form a cheap smartphone. Again, it is not worth purchasing even at the 40,000-bonga points that Safaricom value it.


Everybody loves the Lumia brand because of its camera clarity. Had I not given it a try, I would have stopped at the fact that it has a 5Mp front and back camera that makes it better than the iPhone 6 on paper. Actually, the phone lags when taking photos, meaning that you will have to hold your smile a little longer before it captures. I mean, 1, 2, 3 snap, 4, 5, now you can check out your photo. It is not to precision, but it seems something like 2 seconds after you touch the camera icon.


I am not done with the camera yet –the photos are not great. They have blurs even if you take them from outside, in full light. However, they appear a little better when taken at 4:3 in the camera settings as opposed to the default 16:9.


The Microsoft Lumia 535 Phone Software

This phone comes with Windows 8 Phone OS and Cortana resumes her duties as your Personal Assistant. Microsoft offers you free cloud storage in OneDrive. It comes with Microsoft Office, Drive+, Skype Messenger among many other useful apps. If you love the Android store, the Microsoft store will be a letdown as it contains a fewer number of apps.Lumia performance


I did not find anything that could give me a chill about the Microsoft Lumia 535 smartphone other than its price. As stated earlier, you can get it via Safaricom bonga points program by parting with 40,000 bonga points or you can choose to buy the Lumia 535 at Ksh12,000 or less. It lacks in a couple of features, but I expected that, as its price seemed too good a deal to believe. The camera does not have a zoom feature, but hey, if you are not a professional photographer, this should not bother you much.

Buy Lumia 535 at 9,000!

Verdict: 6/10

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    1. You can go for Lumia 625, which performs better and has a clearer screen resolution and is available for about Ksh 15000. With regards to your internet concerns, I think unlimited bundles will come in handy if you need to access the internet regularly.

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