The Android Developer Course that Would Get You a $100,000 Starting Salary

Sebastian Thrun, the co-founder and CEO of Udacity, the deity of online higher education claims there are hundreds of thousands Android developer vacancies for your taking – assuming you are a competent Android developer.

With the guardian of Android, Google, backing up the claim and the subsequent Nanodegree program, you can bet your last cent on the claim’s authenticity. The Nanodegree program will be a six-course online course that will take you through the entire app development cycle, from conjuring and specifying your idea to launching the application on the Play store.

The Nanodegree program was announced at this year’s annual I/O conference at San Francisco alongside Android M, the latest version of the widely used open source operating system.

The course will run for an approximate six to nine months depending on your pre-existing knowledge. Even though a better part of the course content would be free to view, you will have to pay $200 a month if you are to get professional feedback, personal instructor mentorship and the final certification.

This translates to at least $1200 to the fast learner, a worthy price tag to the course’s perks.

Those who make it to the class’s top 50 will visit the Google campus for a ‘chat’ with Google hiring engineers. If you don’t make it that far, you still will stand a better chance on the job market. With estimates penning your beginner’s salary at $100,000 at the Silicon Valley, I’d say you have quite the chances of making it big even if you don’t make it to any valley.

Google will offer 2,000 scholarships for the needy students. Udacity has pledged to pay back half the fee to students who complete the course and ask for the half refund. According to Thrun, this is enough an incentive to lower income programmers who would’ve otherwise shunned the expensive course.

With so much on how Android development doesn’t pay in comparison to iOS, a couple of developers would be skeptical about the entire Nanodegree program. The fact, however, remains that the elite of the Android developer fraternity will always make the kill. I wouldn’t pass on the shot to surviving the cut.

If you are with me, then this is the link to follow Udacity’s Nanodregree Course page

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