The Macbook Air 2014-What It Might Turn Out To Be

The Intel Core M processor has been launched and without doubt, many laptop manufacturers will embrace it. Apple might be one of them. After being brought to light by Intel, the core M processor is one of a kind since it does not require a computer to have a fan. This will make it possible to manufacture fanless razor-thin laptops with increased battery life, improved performance and enhanced beauty.

According to Apple, the 12-inch Retina MacBook Air is due to be launched in mid-December but the type of processor that is to be used was not mentioned. Those who were eager to hear about the processor and Apple were to suffer another major setback when Intel did not mention Apple as one of the computers that will use their new processors. In a statement during the launch of the processor, Intel mentioned HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, Acer, Asus and Dell to be among companies that might make computers with the new processor.

mac air 2014

However, the speculation has not died off completely especially with sites such as the MacWorld reporting in their MacBook review that people are eagerly waiting for the new MacBook Air 2014 that comes with the Retina display and a Broadwell processor from Intel. Although this might be true, if reports from DigiTimes that state that Apple may have already begun production in China are to be believed, the Intel Core M processor will not be used.

With or without the new processor, Apple have promised to redesign the MacBook Pro and users can expect nothing other than improved functionality and stunning looks. At least, they do not disappoint Apple enthusiasts whenever they are launching a new device.


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