The Impossibly thin 54Inch LG Screen – Only 0.97mm thick

At 0.038inch, LG’s detachable OLED (organic light-emitting diode) panel could easily pass as the lightest and flimsiest HD screen of the millennium. At less than 1.9Kg, this 55inch wide (diagonally) monster is light enough to hang on your wall with its magnetic strips without breaking your décor or viewing experience.

Even though LG aren’t newbies in the thin screen arena (their next thinnest is 4.3mm OLED screen that is thinner than the Oppo R5, the slimmest smartphone that is 4.85mm thick.)

OLED panels are the elite display units of our age courtesy of their super definition, power efficiency and flexibility. However, you must note that these features and the clarity doesn’t come cheap. The high cost is inherent of the delicate and costly manufacturing process that tends to have low success rates (a better part of manufactured OLED screen turn out to be faulty.)

The current LG 4K OLED screen, a 65” piece of real estate retails at $9000 while its LED counterpart goes for a mere $2000. Do the math.

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