LG G5 Review & Price in Kenya


Ksh 58,999



    Overall Performance




        Design and appearance





            • Sturdy and sleek metal on metal design
            • Cool removable battery is a plus for battery swappers
            • Amazing camera with switchable lenses
            • Latest Android OS


            • Weak battery life
            • The modules can be hard to piece up

            Testing the waters! That is what you can call what the LG brand is trying to do. In recent years, the company has been on a redemption path, breaking away from what has become a mundane cycle by flagship smartphone brands whose only focus has been enhancing the same old same old features from preceding devices by topping up their phones’ specs with minute, no-brainer changes that basically do not lead to that aha! moment.

            The innovative devices currently in circulation from LG are the absolute opposite of this. They are simply what you can christen ‘game-changers’ in the market going by what they have in store. The phones are indispensable, convenient, flexible, functional and outright eye candy. Silently other burgeoning smartphone brands have caught the attention of this and are on the warpath trying to keep up with the pace.

            At a Glance


            It’s not a surprise that Apple is knocking on LG’s door trying to cook up a Cam deal for their latest iPhone 7 device poised to hit the market this year.

            Well, the latest modish modular smartphone from LG, the LG G5, is no doubt a futuristic device inside and out, and the empirical changes have clearly touched a nerve in the phone industry. And in that respect, the following details are the reasons why other smartphone companies can only dream about the new and innovative features included in the phone.


            Bold Design

            One thing that stands out about the phone is the fact that it is completely metal on metal. Forget about the cheap smartphones in the market whose shelf life and durability are in question. With this phone, you get the real deal, utter safety that is as light as a feather.

            The phone’s modular design is a ‘no-holds-barred’ sort of look. This capability allows you to swap batteries when you are running low on charge thanks to the easy-to-use detachable bezel. It also allows you to upgrade essential components on your phone when needs be, case in point, you can switch the phone’s stock lens for a more effective fisheye/macro lens that helps you get a wider angle view.

            The other add-on besides the battery is the Hi-Fi Plus. This feature sets the device apart from other smartphones since it enhances the quality of your music by upsampling MP3 digital audio via its headphone jack and speaker. Although the modular capability is only limited to two accessories on the phone, you have to hand it to LG for making the ballsy move.lg magic


            The magical pop slot is, amazing

            G5’s appeal lies inside the ‘magic slot,’ the nickname to the phone’s modular port. It sits at the bottom of the phone, and always houses the battery, which attaches to the module of your choice. The slot contains a small flush-mounted button that requires a firm press to activate. This pops the lower section of the phone out, disconnects the battery, and allows the entire module to be removed.

            A frim sideways tug will pop out the battery and a firm push back in is all you need to reassemble the whole thing. The plus is that the contraption is so firm and reliable that your phone will never disassemble by accident.




            The LG G5 allows you to choose between two UI designs. The first user interface design has a home layout with an app tray while the fallback option completely excises the app tray and replaces it with a dashboard comprising of five apps at the bottom. To add on convenience, the phone has an always-on display that keeps you updated on the time and date. Users can spruce up this feature by including a fancy ‘welcome note’, but that’s that.LG-G5 price inkenya


            The phone has dual camera lenses at the back; comprising of a 16-megapixel camera with a 75ᴼ field of view and an 8-megapixel camera with an amazing 135ᴼ field of view that allows you to capture wider angle shots. For video recording, the camera lenses offer advanced Quad HD resolution, which basically means you get four fold better resolution than what a standard HD display can offer. The phone also has an impressive 8-megapixel front-facing/selfie camera, and a “multiview” ability allows you to arrange images taken from all cameras on the phone.


            The LG G5 operates on the latest Snapdragon 820 processor and a 4GB RAM that speeds up the phone’s functionality. Because of this, the phone is built for gaming and multi-tasking, with stalling and hanging being a thing of the past. And we cannot forget to mention that the phone comes with the latest v6.0.1 Marshmallow OS if you are still wondering.

            Battery Life

            With all the goodies that come with the phone, battery life is the only setback the model has over its predecessor, the G4 and other improved smartphones. LG G5’s 2800mAh battery charge succumbs to swapping add-ons, extended hours of music play, taking pics, playing games for hours on end and browsing the web. Regardless, the charge will probably last a good number of hours before you contemplate swapping your dead battery with a charged one.

            Notable Specs

            Other notable specs worth the mention include the expandable 256 GB card slot, fingerprint sensor, geo-tagging and face/smile detection. These features are exciting to use, and to some extent adventurous but are not that much of a fuss at this day and age.

            Overall, the phone does not measure up to the sleek and stunning look that current Samsung phones have to offer. Looking at the LG G5 from a far, the phone might pass off as a device meant for the bourgeois class, but in terms of performance, the device definitely befits the upmarket.

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