Is Zuku TV Really Worth Your Money?

Zuku, a product of Wananchi Group, has been in the country for a while. Its satellite TV offers in excess of 100 local and international channels, categorized under bouquets that are priced differently.  

 At present the company has three Satellite TV bouquets; Zuku Poa, Classic and Premium. There is also a fiber Internet and free phone services. Although, in order to get phone and Internet services, you must be connected to Zuku fiber.

Zuku has a couple of advantages and disadvantages as compared to the other Pay TV decoders available in the Kenyan market. If you have been an ardent follower of our blog, you must have read our posts about GoTV decoders and the channels they have to offer, Startimes decoder prices and costs as well as FTA Tv channels. If you haven’t, then it might be a good idea to go through them before you compare them to Zuku.


Zuku Satellite Dish and Channels in Kenya
Zuku Satellite Dish

First, Zuku operates quite differently from Go TV , Startimes, and Bamba TV. While the mentioned decoders require a normal aerial to function, this is a satellite TV, meaning that you need a satellite receiver to access their channels.

The Zuku satellite receiver is not inconvenient though, and personally, I do not classify it as a disadvantage. In terms of channels, Zuku fairs on well with a couple of great international and local channels. I also find it to be the only decoder that promotes local content. If you love local programs and sports, you will enjoy lots of basketball and rugby games. However, if you are into international sports too, you are in for a disappointment. 

**Update: Zuku has introduced quite a number of sports channels in recent times. They include Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, MCS sports, and Kombat Sports. 

Payment is easy; thanks to their M-Pesa Paybill number (320320), and their customer care services is way above others.

Zuku Kenya Satellite TV Bouquets and Subscription costs

Zuku Satellite TV offers a choice of 3 bouquets, namely, Zuku Poa, Classic and Premium. Poa goes for Ksh899 per month. It has 53 TV channels and 51 radio channels. Zuku classic bouquet goes for Ksh1,299 per month, has 74 TV channels, 51 Radio channels and local TV channels. The premium bouquet goes for Ksh2, 399 per month, has 97 video channels, 51 radio channels and all the local channels. Zuku Kenya also has an Asian package that has in excess of 27 channels and is available for Ksh999 per month.

Unlike GoTv, Star times and the other free to air Set Top Boxes, Zuku TV does not offer any of its packages free of charge. If you need Zuku Kenya free to air channels and many local programming channels available under Signet and Pang, you will have to subscribe into any of the bouquets offered.

Buying the decoder, and setting it up will cost you a minimum of Ksh3, 999.

Zuku TV Channels List

The channels offered matter more than anything else does when it comes to pay TV in Kenya. Zuku has many channels and some of them are offered in HD. If you need to know whether you will watch Zuku premium channels or free to air channels on your chosen bouquet, the following list will come in handy.

(Ksh899 pm)
(Ksh1299 pm)
(Ksh2399 pm)
Kiss TV (KE)TickTickTick
Kass TVTickTickTick
3Stones TVTickTickTick
NBS UgandaTickTickTick
Channel TenTickTickTick
Clouds TVTickTickTick
Njata TVTickTickTick
Zuku ZoneTickTickTick
Zuku EntertainmentTickTickTick
Fox EntertainmentCancelTickTick
E! EntertainmentCancelCancelTick
Zuku Movies MaxTickTickTick
Zuku Movies Max HDTickTickTick
Zuku Movies ActionTickTickTick
Zuku Movies Max +2CancelCancelTick
Zuku Movies Action +2CancelCancelTick
Zuku Swahili MoviesTickTickTick
AMC USACancelTickTick
AMC SeriesTickTickTick
BBC World NewsTickTickTick
Al Jazeera (English)TickTickTick
i24 News (English)TickTickTick
Fox NewsCancelCancelTick
TVC NewsTickTickTick
Sky NewsCancelCancelTick
Euronews (English)CancelCancelTick
CCTV NewsTickTickTick
France 24 (English)TickTickTick
Zuku KidsTickTickTick
Smile of a ChildTickTickTick
Duck TVCancelTickTick
Fine Living NetworkTickTickTick
Fashion TVCancelCancelTick
Ginx TVCancelTickTick
Fashion OneCancelTickTick
Smash HitsCancelTickTick
Kiss (UK)CancelTickTick
MTV BaseCancelTickTick
One MusicCancelCancelTick
I24 FrenchTickTickTick
Vox AfricaTickTickTick
Dubai TVTickTickTick
Abu Dhabi TVTickTickTick
CCTV-4 (Chinese)CancelCancelTick
Hope TVTickTickTick
Emmanuel TVTickTickTick
God TVTickTickTick
Family TVTickTickTick
Inspiration TVTickTickTick
Peace TVTickTickTick
Safeer TVTickTickTick
Ahlulbayt TVTickTickTick
Hope InternationalTickTickTick
Alerth AlnabawiTickTickTick
Zuku Sports HDCancelCancelTick
Zuku SportsTickTickTick
Eurosport NewsCancelTickTick
MCS InternationalTickTickTick
Kombat SportsTickTickTick
Fox SportsCancelTickTick
Fox Sports 2CancelCancelTick
Zuku LifeTickTickTick
Viasat NatureCancelTickTick
Viasat ExploreCancelCancelTick
Viasat HistoryCancelTickTick
Nat Geo GoldCancelCancelTick
Discovery ScienceCancelCancelTick
CCTV 9 DocumentaryCancelCancelTick
Viasat Crime premiumCancelCancelTick

If you are comfortable with Pay TV, Zuku is the closest to DSTV and it is fairly priced. If you need to watch TV and still connect to the internet, consider installing the fiber package, as long as you stay in areas that are covered.

If you need a free to air decoder without any monthly payments, feel free to check out our list of FTA decoders in Kenya right now. Overall, Zuku is a great choice.

50 thoughts on “Is Zuku TV Really Worth Your Money?

  1. I’m the zuku customer about two months .I wanted to join the least payment of the zuku packages of 399 not 1399.I have already paid 399 meaning that I can only afford that amount per month kindly consider my tears .

  2. am Juliana.I have paidksh999but my account is missing the Kenyan local account is545493.kindly help me reconnect.

  3. Does Zulu TV have football channels? I am a big fan of EPL, will I be able to watch my teams without going out to social places.

  4. hello i just paid for the 4999 package but my channel list is still scrambled .I was wondering what im supposed to do next because ive tried restarting it to no avail and its the weekend the offices seem to go to voicemal.

  5. Am from mombasa, likoni..can you operate the zuku decorder plus internet which ofcz you pay for if you dont have acces to fibre connection

  6. Why aren’t you including Asian channels or atleast create a package on its own. Currently if you need Asian channels you have to add to premium poa or classic the charges are too much once combined .

  7. Ave been trying coach up with some other zuku Chanel’s..even pay for a classic zuku but still I see few and normal channel not worthy for the money I pay as a ever month charge..

  8. I want Zuku for internet and just for tv minimum channels . How much is the installation and how much per month. Iam in Kilimani and neibors say is ggod.

    1. It should be about Ksh 6000. That will cover the hardware, installation and your first month’s subscription. The packages on Zuku Satellite would be:
      Smart Pack: ksh399
      Zuku Poa: ksh999
      Zuku Classic: ksh1399

  9. Am reading so much about zuku but one thing zuku kenya is not doing which is very important is telling us for this you get this channels, am not interested on the number of channels am interested on the list of the channels.
    I atleast expect them to give us honest and transparent info on what they offer, i feel they are not being very clear on that. if you tell me you are giving me twenty channels but i dont even know which channels they(twenty) are i can be forgiven for saying i sense something is not right there because at the end of the day you will give me things that i dont want and you will say i said twenty and thats twenty, what am besically saying is this we want to sign for what we know not do things blindly so print them and tell us for poa this is the list of channels and classic this is the list etc not genaralise everything.
    secondly we pick certain packages for a reason but when you decide to cut off some channels i feel hard done. you pay for a package for a reason then one day i wake up then i dont find my reason for the choice of package and not just one channel is gone, thats not right

  10. I would kindly ask you Dennis. I just paid ksh 399. Why isn’t that channels like njata TV, wbs and cloud TV are not there?

  11. This morning i had an advat at Radio maisha about new Zuku package of 27 local chanels at 399 pre month. How can join to enjoy this offer of can i have Zuku customer care phone no for more talk.

    1. If you have just paid right now, they normally recommend that you give it a few hours. But if its long ago and you’ve got a confirmation, you might need to reset it. Do this: Press Menu> Tools>Factory Settings> select Yes >OK. Rescan MENU>DVBS INSTALLATION>TP-LIST>OK>TP SEARCH>OK

  12. i like zuku many good channels better even than dstv but the price is making me to purchase other decoders wen i delay to pay my monthly subscriptions am completely cut off from the world unlike other service providers

    1. Hi Patrick, Zuku does not show live premier league games. You can only catch repeats on Arsenal Tv, Chelsea TV or Manchester City TV on Zuku Sports, which appear about 1 or 2 days after the game has been played.

  13. the kenya zuku fiber package , is the price you’ve put up for the monthly charge or for the package? and how much does one pay monthly thou?

  14. john kipkoech kirui


    How will I pay for only local channels in Kenya and which channels are listed local channel . kindly assist I have been paying 899

    1. Zuku doesn’t have an option for local channels only. Besides, it does not feature all the available local channels the way free-to-air decoders do. So Ksh899 is the lowest you can pay to get their services.

  15. Dugbe E. Dugbe jr


    We are receiving you signal in West Africa, Liberia on a 90cm dish. Many people in my Country Liberia are highly interesting in your services. You will have more customers and make lot of money.
    I am willy to used my shop as your agent or dealer center.

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