Automating Professions: Is Tech Taking Over Art?

Digital art, a component of new media art, is artistic work that makes use of digital technology to create beautiful and creative presentations. Even after facing resistance during its early stages, digital art managed to grow and in the process transform activities such as sculpture, painting, and drawing. It has made it easier to create new concepts, modify existing ones and even enable mass production of art.

What is the impact of digital art on artists?

Digital technology has completely transformed the way artists think, paint, or draw. Initially, the quality of a painting solely relied on the ability of the artist to wield his tools. The artist had to think carefully through colors before applying calculated steps to create abstractions and shades that expressed his mind. There was very little margin for errors, and two paintings could be exactly similar.

Without doubt, the human touch has played a significant role in shaping painting and creating special effects on painting. Digital art has minimized the need for human touch in applying effects and instead introduced a wide variety of tools that can be tweaked to create a whole new range of options that allow the modern artist to express his mind accurately and creatively.

What is expected of the modern artist?

The massive quantity of digital art tools has forced the modern artist to acquire in-depth knowledge of the effects produced by these tools and what they are capable of. Whether he is dealing with a photo editor or logo maker, the artist ought to use his creativity to design mind-blowing pieces of art. The feat is not easy, but with the right amount of knowledge, it is possible.

Digital art has therefore given the modern artist a chance to be more creative and create sophisticated pieces of art that would have otherwise taken a long time to produce. Artists, therefore, need to hone their skills and techniques for them to use these execution tools to their advantage. Even though modern art has completely transformed art, it still needs an artist who will translate his vision to create outcomes that reflect his personality or the modern society.

Digital Art Tools

A good way to begin your journey in digital art is by using the myriad of photo editing and image generating tools online. On such website, features a collection of a wide range of photo effect editing tools that will get you started. From creating social images and stickers, to editing photo effects and creating typographies, you’ve got quite a lot on your plate.

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