Forget GoTV, Startimes, or DsTV –Internet Enabled Free to Air Set Top Boxes are Here

GoTV, Bamba TV, Zuku, Startimes and even DsTV are focused on giving you seamless digital TV services. Nation Media Group, Standard Group and Royal Media Services think you need more. Despite the stale digital broadcasting rights battle on their plates, they have gone ahead and ordered over 150,000 internet enabled digital TV free to air set top boxes that could hit the market in the next few weeks or months.

As if giving you internet and interesting TV channels is not good enough, the NMG board promises to sell the ADN decoders at a price between 2,000 and Ksh2500 with no subsequent subscription fees.

Referred to I-STBs, internet enabled free to air set-top boxes could either be dedicated internet TV devices or could let you connect to the internet using an appropriate TV set or gaming console. The setup of the box will determine what type of media source you directly connect to and I have a feeling these imported set top boxes will be limited to streaming online TV channels.

With the right TV and an I-STB, all you might need is an UnoTelly smartDNS  subscription (Less than $5 a month) to access those international channels you always dreamt of. Top on the list is CBS (awesome series), Discovery UK, Canada, US (discover like never before) Disney (something for the kids) EspnPlay NetFlix and so much more (up to 350 INTERESTING channels)

For the I-STBs to sell that cheap, they have to be dedicated Video streaming devices that use the web so do not expect to Facebook or visit your favourite websites with this set-top box. However, with so many free internet TV channels out there, this I-STB will definitely widen your horizons and make things more interesting since they are free to air set top boxes.

Other than the 150, 000 units on order, the consortium aims at impoSTBrting almost a million ADN decoder units by March in what would be a move to maintain its command over Kenya’s radio and TV market. The set-top box will give you access to free-to-air channels, which will keep you in touch with the country whilst opening up the world of internet TV, which might literally blow off your mind.

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