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There are a couple of internet download managers available as either free download or paid versions, but for any to stand out, it must be capable of delivering top download speeds that can be allowed by your internet connection. Additionally, you need a download manager that can work across multiple sites including Daily Motion, YouTube, Myspace and even sites that offer PC games free for download.

Finding a download manager that offers all these features free is not easy –many of them will charge a hefty price. However, free download managers exist and some have proven to offer more than we could have imagined in a free audio or video downloader software. EagleGet is an excellent example of such free software.

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Internet Download Manager (IDM), has for a long time, dominated the download accelerator software market. Being a paid software, those who can afford it or who have used its trial version, can attest that its speeds are phenomenal. In fact, its cost is justified. However, if you need a free download manager that can help you download both adobe flash player and HTML5 videos, EagleGet is your perfect software.

When it comes to a head on head comparison between the two download managers, there are few differences other than the cost. However, I have singled out their crucial aspects and developed a comparison. Which is the best download manager among the two? Read on to find out.


I tested the performance of the two download managers by downloading and recording the total time taken. Eagle get took a few seconds less time than IDM did to download the same file. IDM needs some improvements on speed, given that it is not offered free of charge. Both have a grabber where you can copy urls of any media item and download it directly. You can also categorize where different file locations will be stored –for example, set a specific folder for videos and another for audio files.

Overall, internet download manager has most features including a site grabber and download scheduler that lets you choose when to begin a download, process huge download queues, limit download speeds, among many others.

Resource Usage

Both download managers use a multithreaded technology whereby a task is split into smaller manageable ones and each is downloaded separately before being joined. Although both are good at it, I find that IDM consumes more resources when merging the downloaded files than EagleGet does. If you are using Internet Download Manger and your PC has limited resources (CPU speed and RAM), it will freeze for a few seconds. When it comes to resource usage, EagleGet free downloader carries the day.

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User Interface

Internet Download Manager has a simple user interface, EagleGet downloader has a simpler UI with everything you need clearly labelled out. Unlike IDM, which contains multiple settings, Eagle Get’s user interface includes few settings. However, both are stable and support fast downloading. I find them performing almost equally on my PC.

User Friendliness

Although IDM has multiple functionalities, they are not as clearly stated as in EagleGet. You do not need to do anything special to integrate EagleGet to any browser –immediately after installation, you only need to open a browser of your choice and begin downloading. On the other hand, before using IDM to download, you have to add extensions on browsers such as chrome. Complications arise sometimes from the process as some browsers have compatibility issues with the extensions. However, the Internet Download Manager team is quick to handle such issues and offer a viable solution in a subsequent update.

Overall Winner

EagleGet and IDM can be singled out as the best video download software. They also perform extremely well when downloading other types of files. If you can afford to buy a download manager, I recommend  Internet Download Manager as it has many incredible features. On the other hand, if you are looking to download a decent download manager free of charge, go for the EagleGet downloader.


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