Hyperlapse – The Amazing Android Video Stabilization App from Microsoft

Over 90 percent of the Kenyan smartphone users are on Android. More than half of this number spends its ‘gadget time’ peering into their smartphone screens. The folks over at Microsoft don’t seem to content with their ample personal computer domination. They want a share of Android’s spoil.

Of late, Microsoft has exhibited a generous show of enthusiasm when it comes to releasing Android apps. Their latest inclusion, Hyperlapse, runs on both Windows and Android phones and seeks to give a hint of professionalism to annoyingly shaky handheld videos.

Unlike other video and picture optimization apps, Hyperlapse needn’t be your native filming app. You can stabilize your old videos or any video from a handheld camera regardless of its origin.

Instagram has such an video stabilization functionality. It uses the camera’s gyroscope or accelerometer to detect your hand movement or shaking and compensate the recording to do away with the wiggles and wobbles. This means you can only use it when recording.

With Mircrosoft’s Hyperlapse approach focusing on image processing algorithms to do away with the dither, they manage to isolate the video footage from the device that recorded it.

Its beta version is out for selected devices like Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, S6 Edge, HTC One M8 and M9. You can also run it on Nexus tablets with either Android 4.4 or higher.

You can learn more about the app at Microsoft’s Google+ page or download it at Play Store for a romp.

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