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Huawei Mate 8

Huawei Mate 8



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            • Super-fast processor
            • Great display
            • Fast charging and long-lasting battery
            • Small bezels make the phone more appealing


            • Modest camera
            • The EMUI isn't especially the best here

            mate-8-huawei-unboxed Months down the line, but we still cannot stop talking about this phone! Yes, its an age-old device right now, but there are numerous reasons why many a people are still hurling praises at it. Simply put, the Mate 8 is a MASTERPIECE, and there is just so much that other phone companies can emulate; and like most people, we cannot downplay this fact.

            In a world where Samsung and Apple are the maestros of providing premium phones-  thanks to an aspect of enhancing novelty to the game, with “never-seen-before features” – it has become a tall order for other brands to even try calling what they are making a “premium phone”, let alone rear their heads in the presence of these two smartphone giants.

            But YES, Huawei Mate 8 is a PREMIUM phone and it sits pretty at the high table with phone models from the aforementioned flagship brands. At TechMagKE, we love the fact that Huawei is not apprehensive to brand their top smartphones as premium phones and even go further to sell them at aggressive prices- since they do measure up, and because of that, this ego sits well with us.

            Don’t get me wrong, we won’t cook the goose just yet by trying to compare Mate 8 with the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. But on the phone’s defense, I can safely say that the Mate 8 was at one time responsible for sending so many phone models to the cleaners and it still does.

            Honestly speaking, Huawei Mate 8 packs some impressive perks, and you’ll get a closer look at each one in this piece. From a candid point of view, this article contains everything a conscious consumer needs to know about the Mate 8- the good, the really good and the bad side (features that most considered a letdown). So, read on up to the end to learn more about the various pros and cons of the device.huawei-mate-8-highlights


            To kick off the phone’s perks, we have the phone’s elegant design. Mate 8’s build quality is what in few words you can call “a-cut-above-the-rest”. For a long time now, Huawei has been loyal to customers by offering metal case designs for their phones, which enhance longevity of their devices. Credit to the brand again, since they were among the first few phone companies to start off the metal-body revolution that eventually compelled other flagship brands to follow suit.

            The phone’s metallic unibody is large, 6-inches large to be exact! – a facet about phones that I am sort of against- but when it comes to phone-size, it all boils down to preference, right? Perhaps! But if this is what you truly like, then go for it. Frankly, behemoth phone displays have their benefits that I totally agree with; however, I am largely against the fact that large phones are not “pocket-friendly”, if you know what I mean. Surprisingly, Huawei has other phones with even BIGGER displays on their increasing list of premium Huawei phones. Click on the blue link to read about my rants and raves from those premium Huawei phones.

            Although relatively large, I must admit that Mate 8 is excellent for people with sizeable hands since it is compact. Normally, the biggest deterrent for metal phones is usually their weight, and since Mate 8 is all-metal that begs the question, is it annoyingly heavy for its large size? Well, this is the case: yes, the phone is heavy ENOUGH metal for its price, but HARDLY heavy at all for its size since it only weighs 185g. The bezels on the phone are the perfect size, preventing any oddity resulting from its large size, and the bevels on the other hand have an excellent finish. Being a unibody look, forget about accessing the battery at the back. To wrap up my thoughts on the phone’s design; Huawei Mate 8 is absolutely out of this world. Hopefully, the company will continue conjuring more fancy phone designs that will also be awe-inspiring. 20160105_132754-1200x675


            For a properly worked on 6-inch screen, it comes naturally that the phone’s display is also great. That said, the 1080 X 1920 Full HD does not disappoint at all. Also, the phone’s IPS LCD display looks great and since viewing your phone from different angles is just spot on, you have adequate consolation for the lack of an AMOLED display, which is one of the highlights of hyped Samsung phones and other phones bearing the bright display.


            Huawei Mate 8 no doubt has an excellent design that we all love and love even more; but the battery is just in a class of its own. The phone’s 4,000 mAh fast charging battery is profound. When compared to most smartphone batteries even from flagship brands; no praise is enough for it. Even better, if you want to extend your phone’s battery life, you can opt for the Smart Mode that offer 2 day’s battery life or thereabout. However, if you are not for this, you can settle for the Performance Mode that offers a significantly long life span for your battery before the next charging. Fact: Battery usage during screen-on-time and standby modes are laudable.

            Software & Internal Hardware

            Huawei Mate 8 offers continuity for the in-house CPU; the Kirin 950 processor. Myself, I appreciate the fact that we are seeing more OEM phone processors coming up, which makes the market even more competitive. Kirin 950 blends well with the brand’s UI, EMUI to give a flexible and user-friendly experience. In that case, if your current phone lags or stalls probably while playing games-, which is the global trend that has fast become a contagious fad-, or during video playback or even surfing the web, this will be far from the truth when you switch to the Huawei Mate 8, thanks to its processor.

            A LOT has been said about the lack of an app tray on the phone (with emphasis on a lot). Complaints about this exclusion have been magnified to the point that some people consider it sufficient reason not to buy the phone. Most of the backlash has been from users in West who are fond of the tool. Honestly, the exclusion of an app tray is a problem for us all since in most cases it leaves the screen disorganized with all the bloatware that come with the device. And since phones with an app tray have also grown on me- and probably you as well without your knowledge-, both of us by intuition consider this a redundant decision ( although not an abject problem) that Huawei should look into for upcoming phones this year. The flaw being just a drop in the ocean given all the goodies that come with the device, other features make amends pretty well.

            Camera and Video Camera

            Last but not least, we have Huawei Mate 8’s camera. The rear 16 megapixel camera offers nice photos in good lighting and the front facing/selfie camera follows suit. For the most part, if you are a connoisseur on matters lenses, you might not like it that much. Nonetheless, if you are not buying the phone for professional photography, 8 out of 10 times you will not notice the soft photos taken by the camera. But on the bright-side, noise level with this camera phone is a rarity. The videos taken by the phone are steady even though they fall short of a geek’s demands. Given that video resolution has evolved immensely, STRANGELY enough, the 1080p resolution is being considered Stone Age even though the Mate 8’s videos are overtly clear- and mark my words since they represent a semblance of sheer perplexity reacting to these complainants’ eerie perception.huawei-mate-8-camera

            Impressive Features

            Other elements that are worthy of the spotlight on the phone include the “Knuckle Feature” that allows you to open apps without going through a convoluted process of clicking buttons. A super-fast fingerprint sensor at the phone’s backside that can be set to take photos, turn on the screen, answer calls besides offering added security to your device. The split screen feature is also a blast since it allows you to accomplish two tasks at the same time. The “Force Touch” feature on the Mate S is not on this phone though. Honestly, I don’t know why they left it out instead of making improvements on it.

            Long Story Short

            To recap everything, Huawei is a great phone. Looking at it; you can only see the makings of a world-class hand-held device. Frankly, since Huawei’s compelling breakthrough to the Western market with the Nexus 6P, the company is holding up quite well. Yes, the Mate 8 has its fair share of flaws; HOWEVER, the pros outstrip the cons, and that’s what counts. So far, we agree that Huawei has made coming up with a phone design seem like child’s play, and we have utmost admiration to the brand for that.

            With the successes that the brand has had with the latest flagships, we hope that up and coming phones will only continue getting better and better, and hopefully live up to customer expectations. In terms of the phone’s colors, Huawei has you covered. Mate 8 comes in four color choices that you can choose from including: Champagne Gold, Moonlight Silver, Space Gray and Mocha Brown. I would gladly recommend the macho Moonlight Silver if you are a guy and the amorous Champagne Gold for a girl. Long story short, if you are thinking of getting the phone, go for it. According to me, any device that has the audacity to compete with leading brands like Apple and Samsung, is definitely worth its price.

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