How to Quickly get your StarTimes subscription reversal

Have you ever sent money wrongly to StarTimes account number?

If the answer is yes, I bet you have your own opinion about the company’s inhouse treatment. Truth be told, Star Times media has a systematic approach to solving the problem. While some may debate about its effectiveness, the fact still remains it serves its purpose.

It happened to me once and I had to seek clarification from their customer support staff, who explained virtually every procedure you need to take. Since you are in the same situation that I was just a couple of days ago, I have what it takes to solve the issue.

The following blueprint has all the details you need to resolve the sometimes inevitable predicament.

Crucial Steps

1) Call customer care

First, you need to contact Star Times support team. This can either be through the company’s hotline number, 0719 077 077 or via social media network, Facebook or Twitter.

Identify yourself as the account holder. Do this by providing your personal details linking you to the account. This may include your smartcard number or contact number (the exact phone number you used to register your account); whichever method you prefer will work just fine.

2) Provide your Email Address

Once it is established that the account is yours, you will be required to provide your active email address.

Afterwards, a reversal form will be sent to your email address, which you are supposed to download and fill within the shortest time possible. Thereafter, you can scan the form and send it back via email or you can drop the form at the specified business hall.

3) Reversal

Normally, the procedure takes about 14 days for the money to be reverted. However, this may vary depending on the circumstances involved.

What you need to know  

  • If you are a StarTimes account holder, the money will be reversed if it exceeds 3000 KES, no less. If you sent money to someone else’s account, it will be reverted to your account if the amount is less than 3000 KES. Always ensure that you contact the customer support team immediately you identify the error to prevent any inconveniences.
  • If you are not a StarTimes account holder, the full sum of money will be reversed regardless of the amount.

If you send money to the wrong Star times account/to a different startimes smartcard number, the procedure for getting the money back to your account is different and takes a shorter period.

This time round, you will only need to provide the details of the wrong account (smartcard number) you sent money to and the money will be retrieved from it.

With all the scenarios pertaining to money transactions, it is advisable to inform the customer service team concerning any error as soon as possible for the situation to be resolved in the shortest time possible.

In that case, if you are not an owner of a Star Times free to air decoder, you should be well aware of the payment procedure as it may come in handy anytime.

Food for Thought

The heart of any company is its support service. How this department runs will either make or break the company since it determines its PR. While some companies in Kenya have perfected this art, others are still languishing in disarray not knowing how to satisfy their clients.

Reputed companies are always concerned with the way they treat their customers. Therefore, the easiest way to single out a legitimate firm is by establishing how it handles its clientele.

Share with us your reversal experience and let us discuss the matter.

Disclaimer: We are not the official StarTimes website.

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