How to Convert Your GOTV Decoder to a Free To Air Decoder

I bought a GOtv decoder, about a year ago and I was impressed at what it had to offer at the time. I would say it is mostly because there was no competitor with fairer prices. Even if that was not the case, they used to air premier league matches on Super Sport Select 2, more than they do now.  A couple of months down the line, a lot has changed for the better, except Gotv. Their service support is below par, they have never increased the number of channels, even on GoTv plus and it has now become very rare to catch a live premier league game.

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GoTV scrapped its FTA clause and replaced it with the GoTV Lite package. You will have to pay Ksh 555 to access this service. This amount is billed quarterly (once every 4 months)

I opted to turn my decoder into a free to air decoder, as they had given this option, instead of paying for what I did not need. At first I was told that I had only to pay Ksh1,800 administration fee (I swear, I have no idea what this means), for my decoder to be converted before I can begin watching free to air channels. The thing is that, their staff is very reluctant to make the change, but I somehow managed to do it. However, if you are not aware, changing your GoTV decoder from pay TV to free to air does not mean that you will stop paying for it. It actually attracts a recurring fee of Ksh1,800 every year, for purposes they can only describe as maintenance.


Nevertheless, I know many people are currently facing a problem that I faced some time back and I would quickly try to help them using a method that worked for me. In a few simple steps, you should have your GoTV Kenya decoder showing free to air channels, in a few hours (Although most Kenyan FTA channels are below par!). Apart from these, the only other GoTv channels that you will receive are Faith TV, Islam TV and GO Channel.


How to Convert your GOtv Decoder

First, you need to top up your account by making payments on the GoTv Kenya Paybill number: 423655. Ensure that you have topped up the right amount (Ksh 1,800) into your account, or else  they will not convert your decoder. Afterwards, you can opt to use their self-care center by dialing *423# and following the voice prompts or you can opt for calling their customer care service on 0711-066-000. If you only pay and fail to use any of the two options above to contact their customer care, your decoder will not be converted.


Before you make the call, make sure that you have your IUC number, as it is essential to associate your account with the decoder. Converting your decoder should be easy unless you find a customer care agent who is not in a good mood to help. Within a short time, your decoder will be showing free to air channels.


How to Clear the E-16 Error Message on GOTv Decoder

I have heard of people who, after converting their decoders to free to air, got an error message (E016-0 – Service is currently scrambled). It is very simple to clear this message. Just send an SMS with the word ‘RESET’ followed by a single space and then your IUC number to 22688. For example, if your IUC number is 1234567, your SMS should look this way without the full stop: RESET 1234567.


I hope you have managed to convert your decoder. Share your experience with us.

165 thoughts on “How to Convert Your GOTV Decoder to a Free To Air Decoder

  1. how do I convert my package from 699 to 470?plz help customer care number is wasting my credit.Telling me necessary things before receiving my call …at a fee?

  2. dominic mutiso kioko


    nimenunua gotv tukiabiwa tukilipa 2500 atutalipatena wana gotv atakama niruga ya
    biashara siovisuri kutanganya watu mgeamisha wale waliolipa 2500 kwa free to air naigekua bora nataka niamishwe kwa free to air

    EUC No 2014333617 majibu kupitia email

  3. Gotv is the best among all decorder, my name is femi from nigeria if you do love gotv then live it and my number is 08029796949 go go go tv for life jara

  4. please tell us how we can make both free to air. Am in Uganda.
    Why don’t u show us live premier league matches played on Sundays?
    IUD number:2017270696

  5. gotv is really boring,av paid 920/-n I can’t watch my favourite channels like supersports again HCK is not even in the list kindly refund me my money n move to other service providers,my IUC is 2018929562,contact 0713799444

  6. mbona mnadanganya wakenya eti ukipia 160per month itawak????nalipia naambiwa nko na hell gotv.its better to buy free to air decoders.just keep in mind that not all users can afford.l!!!!!!!

  7. I personally hate your services. kila nalipia na mnanipea stress. Crystal decoder ni free with more than 70 channel, yet gotv doesnt have free. to hell with ua decoder. am pinched off. nkt!!!

  8. I thought free to Air is 160 per month why subject ordinary kenyan to pay all the annual subscription, 1800 ,to enable the change,

  9. I love your services gotv but you are pain in the butt when it comes to payment…mara mnasema gotv lite ni 160 yet nimelipa naambiwa imebaki 789…you either reset my decorder to match the latest subscription ama hio 789 nanunua startimes…IUC 2018620062

  10. Go tv are very good when they are selling their decorders …..taking advantage of kenyans n cheating….very shameful to such company.

  11. Honestly Gotv can’t compare to any other on clarity, what beats most of us is the price of their bouquets…You’re too expensive for a common african, i think you’re not meant for Africa…. Paying kshs 920 in every month is impossible so bear with us if we opt to shift to affordable nerworks…
    Can someone tell us about this Fellister decorder please!!!!
    And those of you with Crystal or Startimes, are they any good? We need a solution soonest.

  12. nimelipia gotv, 1800/- ,tena nikalipia international channels by paying 555/- in the same month, they have not activated. tena nimewapigia simu and they are not helpfull. natupilia mbali gotv and buy startimes.

  13. help me convert to gotv lite 555/- av tried in vain whereas i have money in ma account already IUC 2017490459

  14. I paid for the free to air gotv and after one year they have closed down my decorder and they say that i have to pay 1800sh to gey reconected what for ? Naama roho safi go tv can,t honer contract terms

    1. Please help , i bought the Go Tv decorder and i suggested the free to air channel of which the agent confirmed to me last year. i,m now suprised coz icant view other channels apart from go tv . So how does the free to air work? Do ipay the amount once or yearly/

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