How to Browse in Windows 7 Without using A Browser

You can search the Internet straight from your Windows 7 File Explorer, the same way you search for your files. Well, the process is quite simple and handy since you only need to install a search connector.

Search connectors are simply add-ons that enable you to switch easily from searching files in your computer to finding results on your favorite sites search as Yahoo!, Bing, Google or even Wikipedia. Although they were primarily designed to be used in Windows Servers, search connectors work perfectly in Windows 7.

Here is how to install a search connectors:

Click on gl/jbS51i to find a list of the available search connectors.

Screenshot 1
Click on a connector of your choice, select .OSDX file extension and download it.


Double click on the downloaded file. A dialog box will appear. (Don’t mind my wallpaper)


Click on add and it will automatically open in windows explorer.


Type your queries in the search box on your upper right side and the results will be listed same way they do when you search for files.



With many search connectors available, you will find a couple of them to be very useful.

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