How IP Geolocation Tools Work To the Advantage of Businesses

Geo-location is an art of positioning or tracking the location of a device or someone on a map by using the radio frequency Identification of a smartphone or the IP address of their computer. The IP geolocation technology has been the subject of major changes over the last decade to improve precision, ease of use and its coverage.

As a result, our entire world has been mapped out to the house level. This is advantageous to business as maps combine business intelligence and location information which are core to understanding the market better.


With the availability of free IP Address and Domain Tracking tools, online business can determine which products are popular in which parts of the world and later optimize accordingly. For example, if you own an online shop and by using IP tracking tools you find that most of the buyers who purchase a specific item are from region A, then you can easily use social media to post advertisements, offers and promotions in that region. Additionally, you can develop a webpage targeted at that specific area in order to increase sales.


With more people acquiring smartphones, there is no better time for your business to embrace geolocation IP technology. Smartphones are usually fitted with GPS systems for determining their precise location. You can use this information in many ways to your advantage. Freight or trucking companies can monitor the whereabouts of their goods or employees –an essential factor in ensuring that business operations run on time and schedule.


Another way of getting the most out of IP geolocation tools is by mapping your business. Services such as Google Maps give you an opportunity to add your business location and information on their map feature. Provide as much information as possible during mapping to make it easier for customers to locate you ahead of your competitor.

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