Here’s Why the 1TB Sony PS4 is a Must Have

Everybody seems to be on the move, from measly hundreds of GB storage to TBs. Microsoft already announced its 1TB Xbox one. PS enthusiasts are eager to take the 1TB PS4, which debuted on Monday, June 22, for a romp. Though the storage space might steal the show, there is more to this PlayStation that meets the eye.

The bigger drive

Sony’s jump to the Terabyte space doubles the storage from its former 500GB, something that would give gamers ample room to install more games, add-on content and remain with enough space to store their best gaming experiences and highlights.

Lighter and more efficient

The new PS4 will store more, weight less (10 percent lighter) and consume less power than its 500GB small brother consumes. If you care for colors, then the Jet Black and Glacier White with matte finish will definitely leave you satisfied.

New games on the line

Sony studios will also have a set of new games to grace the extra storage space before leaving third-party developer titles to fill in the blanks.

An official statement from Sony:

“The PS4 system’s games portfolio will continue to expand with highly anticipated titles from third-party publishers as well as SCE [Sony Computer Entertainment] Worldwide Studios such as SENGOKU BASARA4 SUMERAGI (CAPCOM CO., LTD.), METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN (Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.), GOD OF WAR III Remastered, Until Dawn, and The Tomorrow Children,”

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