GOtv Increase Prices Cite High Operational Costs

As from 15th May 2016, GOtv Kenyan customers will have to part with Ksh 650 for GOtv value and Ksh 920 for GOtv Plus due to the high costs of operations involved in channel transmission; this is according to the parent company Multichoice.

The latest price increase is just one among the wave of increases that Multichoice has done across the continent over the last one year. DSTV users had to pay 20% more in a move that the company said was primarily due to the increase in the foreign exchange rate.

GOtv’s main selling point when it was initially formed was that it would provide high-quality content at a lower price. However, the company seems to be tracking back on its initial promises with the current increase. The move hasn’t been received well either by consumers, who have resorted to social media to share their resentment.

With the current increase in prices, GOtv Plus subscribers will have to pay an additional Ksh 70 while GOtv value subscribers will pay a further KSh 50 to continue viewing their favorite channels. Gotv Lite subscribers haven’t been affected by this move, and they’ll continue to pay Ksh 555 quarterly or KSh1800 per year for a subscription that airs free-to-air local content and barely any international channels.

27 thoughts on “GOtv Increase Prices Cite High Operational Costs

  1. Justus k cheruiyot


    I,paid ksh to GOTV value and I,m a fun of Naija is about 4days gone by now and Naija Movies have notyet been; why?pliz if it is to upgrade,upgrade now to enjoy Naija Movies;IUC NO 2017330588 may I,get your favourable reply thanks in advance.

  2. i no longer use go tv their signal is very poor especially when it rains and yet very expensive and a repeat of almost all programms am currently on bamba and i enjoy it i wish i knew way before i bought go thieves

  3. am now fed up with u gotv, this frustration i will not go thrw it alone the whole world must know. this is the moment gotv will no that even customers have a right to digital migration, it was not a avenue of exploiting Kenyans if the jubilee government is less concern to protect Kenyans from u then we will use all means either judicial or non judicial to thrw u out of market cuz u r not ready to offer us ur services but to exploit us. today gotv frustration will go viral to all social media to all customers cuz of ur unfriendly deeds.

  4. honestly go t.v people, I have paid my subscription fee yenye ni 920 alafu 30 minutes down the line am still disconnected . hii ni ujinga gani, if you dont want my money return it to me
    iuc 2022025798

  5. The government of Kenya should chase you out of Kenyan market you thieves! you deserve no license in our country to operate. You are just like Koffi Olomide, and reach South Africa let Zuma arrest you also, bull shit!!!………………..

  6. I pay 920 but the content in Mombasa is missing for than 50 channels that if Nairobi subscribers.. This is my regretted last pay..Av acquired Bamba decoder to take people are live match..yet you advertise ..who told you we are fooled. Take your things back to south Africa coz most contents is there’s. To hell with you.

  7. You people are thieves. How do you increase charges yet no value is added? Infact most of the channels you people air are repeated. I regret buying your decoder. You will run out of customers very soon.

  8. I have been paying for the value pack, but someone at Go tv decided i belong to the Lite category, so there is always some balance in my account i finally gave up calling to complain ,,,,i paid in june for the lite, but since July 6, im disconnected. Doesnt it take some 4 months? i m now regreting my loyalty to this decorder…iuc2003614694

  9. Cyprian Mogire monyancha


    gtv these are my complains with my fellow subscribers, it’s either you reduce the payment money or you will loose more customers.

  10. I swear I hate this go tv people, and the way they have poor signal, I was expecting a reduction.despite paying them so much money they can’t sent a message alerting us on the hell with your stupid GO TV!!!!

    1. Francis,
      1. GoTV’s support system is quite troubling. Go through a couple of comments on this website and you will see what I mean
      2. The best way to sort out your issues with them is by calling them or contacting them on social media
      3. Time your communication to go down at office hours
      4. The USSD *423# is quite helpful, but it keeps on dropping connection and is quite expensive on your airtime

      I hope this helps you chart your course of action

  11. u increase value too in correpondence to the increased charges…. ve bn struggling paying the ksh849 and even it has signal problems and here u increase the charges !!! fare thee well wth your gotv

  12. Why can’t you then be allowing as to be paying any amount for a no. Of days. Lets say for example gotv plus is ksh. 920 for 30 dayr. Per day 1ts ksh 37. So if i pay like ksh. 100 i can watch for 3 days. This is because raising ksh 920 once can be difficult. I do need a reply on my number

  13. I am so disappointed i cant believe the nerve. in any business you have to give value for any increment in purchasing something at a higher price than it usually is. and then these people replying the customers concerns have no courtesy at all and very rude yaani you are making it seem like you are doing us such a huge favor! You owe us an explanation to your price increment as your customers. you are loosing your strategies right there coz many clients will opt out coz so far i have not seen any positive response to your increment.

    1. Have you talked to the customer care desk? It seems like the package you’d subscribed to appreciated and the 849 isn’t enough to cover it

  14. I have paid my gotv today and no payment information is received on my GOTV.last time I paid, it brought error that did not clear.I ended up losing my kes 849.I cannot continue losing my money while you are seated pretty to harvest where you did not thieves

  15. Have paid 1200shillings for 2 months now yet I don’t see extra channel apart from the usual ones am fed up with the decorder

  16. I had paid 1800/= on may 4th for gotv plus for 2 month from may 19th to July 19th July 19th what can I do to maintain the gotv plus package with that amount.

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