GoTV Lite Package – The GoTV Alternative to FTA

GoTV has been and will always be a sensation in Kenya. It initial market takeover saw it win a slot in the hearts of many. However, as time went by and new FTA decoders like Bamba TV and Azam entered the market, most of the GoTV subscribers realized they were paying monthly premiums for free to air TV channels. And so began the war.

To respond to this, GoTV first launched a FTA clause that let you convert your decoder into an FTA for a year at a Ksh 1800 ‘administration fee.’ Check out our post on how to convert your GoTV to free to air to learn more about this alternative.

A couple of months down the line, GoTV converted this one year FTA subscription into something totally different, The GoTV Lite package. With the GoTV Lite package, you have to pay Ksh 555 every four months to gain access to a couple of local channels and other weird international channels. Here is the complete list of what you will get with the GoTV Lite package.

  1. Inooro TV
  2. Fashion TV
  3. America’s Got Talent
  4. KBC Channel 1
  5. NTV
  6. Citizen
  7. KTN News
  8. K24
  9. JimJam
  10. Faith
  11. Islam Channel
  12. Aljazeera
  13. Afro Music

You can check out our complete GoTV Review to get insight into what customers experience with GoTV so far. Pay specific attention to the comment section. I find the comments to be an informative first-hand testimonial to the quality of service to expect from GoTV.

116 thoughts on “GoTV Lite Package – The GoTV Alternative to FTA

  1. Kindly change my monthly subscription from 920 to 160 lite i paid it yesterday 17th but no change my icu is 2016881692 Calvince

  2. Hv paid gotv lite ksh850 for two months now bt only watch KBC,GOTV channels ICU#-2003595902 call me wth:0721536695 mariakani.

  3. "your lovely customer"


    you are hell why do you advertise a product that you don’t offer #GotvLite come collect your good for nothing showoffs jinga kabisa!

  4. why is it that when you have payed ua subscription you must call their customer care for u to be activated. better startimes their service is atleast better. gotv iko down

  5. hello please upgrade my gotv lite, i want to migrate from 849 to 160 how can i do it? iuc no 4623578943, I payed yesterday but still iko kbc only phone number 0711773321 or 0711369306

  6. hello please upgrade my gotv lite, i want to migrate from 849 to 160 how can i do it? iuc no 4623578943, I payed yesterday but still iko kbc only

  7. hey go customer care if i don’t pay you text me when i pay i don’t get the service i require…. av payed ksh 950 yet am on kbc channel check on that…. iuc no.4623075873

  8. I Was conned by GOTV – I bought my decoder purely on a promise that it,d be free after paying 1200 now i have to pay every month these guys are just the normal street con men. Collect your thing in my dustbin.

  9. I FORGOT abt this thing called GOOOOOOOTV….like the day it was introduced…it’s purely POOOOOOOR in services…. n l got no apology..

  10. its quite rediculous…most of us were born in the 19th centuary and we were watching free TV all along, then come the 21st centuary, we have to pay even to watch KBC! really???…. stesheni ya baba na mama?!…… are we moving foward or just fitting in, ama hizi ni ma cartel tu… and to make it worse, the very service providers cant even handle the system. please get us back our analogue systems…..

  11. I paid for my gotv lite for 160 sh but only kbc I’m watching .what could be the problem. Inc no 2018616307

  12. How do someone convert from go tv plus to go tv lite av tried this is my last effort my iuc no2017259817, your service is poor do something about that!

  13. you guyz should open an online system on the internet whereby every Gotv user can access and have their easy self services no need for waiting for phone calls and activations.some log in to his or her account then pays online and also choose channels he/she desires.instead of this telephone conversations which are rather expensive and at times not even helping. Watu watahama to other competitors aroundif you don’t improve your customer services.
    Before i conclude kindly reset for me my decoder it is receiving no signal at all 2018816271,i need to subscribe and i cant do that since am getting 0% signal on my decoder 0705066912 is my number

  14. Hi i was using gotv plus but due to financial strain have paid for gotv lite am yet to get its services what cld be happening my iuc no. 2018881372

  15. Mr.***Alwa
    my gotv boquet/ package is 920 @month (Gotv plus). i paid 557 for the gotv lite but only one channel shows that is KBC please help me downgrade from go tv plus to gotv lite IUC NO. 2016992686

  16. How does one swtich from Gotv plus to Gotv LITE? I paid ksh555 yesterday but Im still NOT getting channel. IUC No. 2018791724.Please assist

  17. i have suffered enough…apart from being downgraded to Lite,,,,,i paid 650bin June ,,,again given lite Value, but now in July disconnected,,,,I have no reason to continue with this loyalty to gotv,,,,better off with FTA!!!

  18. I also paid 1200 for lifetime FTA but Sometimes Later was asked to go for Free plus and eventually cut Off even local Channels and left with old Kanu’s KBC. Where is COFEK as these Atrocities are being committed?

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